Scott Lowe said,

"Of the many details that began to trickle out of Microsoft's Xbox One reveal, the next-gen console's controller accessory port went largely unnoticed, but its inclusion could have a lasting impact for players. As we learned during our hands-on session, the new controller will come equipped with a new, proprietary data port that replaces the chat cable connector found on the current generation, which a trusted source tell us will make the system incompatible with existing gaming headsets, including high-end audio products like those made by Astro Gaming, Turtle Beach, Tritton, and others."

Me personally I do not use those headsets. This looks good for the companies that make those High End headsets but not for the gamers. They are spending a lot of money for the Xbox One but then they have to spend a couple hundred dollars for another type of headset's the Xbox One can't supply. For gaming companies which make performance enhanceing technology, they can jolt there price's up and there will now be a big competition to who has the better and less expensive headset for the XBox One

A Microsoft representative said
"We are working with 3rd party headset manufacturers to create new headsets that will take full advantage of the Xbox One technology," company representatives said. "We will share more details in the future."