Microsoft is expanding the Xbox Design Lab, a service that lets you create your own custom Xbox One controller, to include logos for all 32 NFL teams. They're not cheap, though. The controllers start at $95, and you can pay $6 extra to add a rubberized grip to the back. You can also get your name or Gamertag (or whatever else, so long as it's 16 characters and adheres to Microsoft's code of conduct) engraved on the front, between the D-pad and the right thumb stick.

The Xbox Design Lab service launched in 2016, at which time it was only available in the United States. Earlier this year, it expanded to the UK, France, and Germany, but other parts of the word are still left out.

The NFL options in the Xbox Design Lab are not as extensive as the standard ones, which start at $80. Those let you choose from more than a dozen colors, but it's no surprise that the NFL controllers don't support this, as the league surely wants to keep its branding consistent. Other options for regular Xbox Design Lab controllers are standard or metallic triggers and D-pad, along with different options for the ABXY and View and Home buttons. You can customize a controller right here on Xbox Design Lab.

Microsoft is an official partner of the NFL, paying a reported $400 million over five years to create "exclusive interactive experiences for Xbox One and Surface." If you've watched the NFL, you know that Microsoft branding, including Surface tablets, also appears on the field during NFL games.

The announcement of these new controllers comes just days before the release of the Xbox One X on November 7. It's the smallest and most powerful console Microsoft has ever made. We'll have a review of the system, and more, coming up soon, so keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest.

Source: GameSpot