The Xbox One was released on the 22nd November 2013, and it is finally getting voice messaging. Microsoft has recently announced an update for Xbox One systems coming this April and voice messaging is a part of it. Other parts of the update include: fixed connectivity issues via Xbox One parties, as well as the new feature of easier troubleshooting for users that experience problems when in a party.

A main feature of the voice messaging is the compatibility of both the 360 and One systems being able to voice message each other. This is great because it means users from whichever platform can interact with each other. Xbox One dashboard preview testers are able to test out the new voice messaging feature this week, allowing voice messages to be sent in to users' inboxes.

As mentioned previously, this update also consists of easier troubleshooting. A What's On section for the dashboard that shows previews and recommends games ideal for you will be a part of it, as well as dedicated servers for party chat. The dedicated servers are to be added to prevent problems with Xbox Live parties such as connection issues that many users have had problems with.

Below is a video of Major Nelson (Microsoft Programming Director) explaining this April's update in full detail.

I think this will be a good update as it fixes many problems users have been experiencing along with the new voice messaging feature. This feature, as shown in the above video, works and looks great and I can't wait to use it.

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