Xbox One's game subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, will add another batch of games in February. Starting next month, subscribers will be able to download and play eight more games, including one of Microsoft's biggest exclusives of 2017, Halo Wars 2.

Aside from being a platform exclusive, the real-time strategy game is a notable addition due to the recent launch of the Xbox One X. Halo Wars 2 is among the 100 games to receive an Xbox One X enhancement update so far. As such, Game Pass provides a relatively cheap way to take the improvements for a spin if you have an X.

Another 2017 release, the third-person adventure game Rime, will also be added to the Game Pass library next month. It'll be joined by fellow Xbox One titles Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition, Riptide Renegade GP, Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey, NBA 2K17, and WWE 2K17. Take note that the latter two are 2016's entries in the series; the most recent entries are the 2K18 games.

On the Xbox 360 side, there's only a single new game for the month, though it is a good one: Fable Anniversary, a remastered version of original Xbox RPG Fable. It's playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

All eight of these games will be available to download on Game Pass on February 1. The Netflix-style service allows you to download (not stream) and play full games for as long as you're a subscriber. You can see everything that's playable in our list of all the Xbox Game Pass titles.

Source: GameSpot