Xbox One Elite Controller Release Date Revealed

Earlier today, a variety of retailers, including Microsoft themselves, updated their listings for the Xbox One Elite Controller and added a...
  1. Crooks
    Earlier today, a variety of retailers, including Microsoft themselves, updated their listings for the Xbox One Elite Controller and added a release date. According to all of these retailers, the controller is due to come out in just over a month on October 27th.

    For those of you who may not already know, the Xbox One Elite Controller is a premium version of the standard Xbox One controller. This new controller boasts many features that you would have otherwise found on a controller from a third party retailers like Scuf. These features include Scuf-like interchangeable back paddles, hair trigger locks that let you adjust just how much you have to pull the triggers before they stop, removable thumbsticks, and D-pad that allow for full customization plus many other features.

    It goes without a doubt that this controller is a great choice for those of you who want to take your gaming experience to the next level. It offers great benefits for both casual and pro players alike. What do you think? Will you be picking this controller up on release? Do you think it will help you while you game? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. DevStudios935
    Who cares... I am having issues with the xbox 360... I am pretty sure Xbox One is going to have so many bugs in the next month or so...
    1. Crooks
      The controller was released yesterday and people love it so far, idk why the Xbox One would have bugs because of a controller...
    2. Digital HD
      DevStudios935 The Xbox One has bugs right now for me, but I have the NXEO (New Xbox One Experience). It's the Windows 10 dashboard update. However, because of the people testing the update, it should have almost no bugs by the time it hits the public.
    3. DevStudios935
      I am referring to the new software updates. Good luck with bugs guys!
  2. RiggleyWiggley
    I'm buying this haha so sick
  3. 3xTiNcT
    Still not sure if I want to get it right away. I'll probably wait a little while.
  4. ItsMar10n
    This is literally just a copy from all other custom controller makers. Waste off money. Just buy kontrolfreek for 11$
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    2. Crooks
      Yeah I don't know how a $11 piece of rubber is going to provide everything this controller does.
    3. WWE
      I don't think you read the article. This is a scuf, kontroller freak, just all in one. $11 won't get you paddles, rubber grips, D-Pad that adjusts to your settings, and triggers that adjust to your settings.
    4. ItsMar10n
      A Scuf Cost 99 $. A Elite Controller Cost 149 $. In Norway Thats the price on 2 games. While a scuf is 20 $ higher than the price off one xbox one game. The only new thing the elite controller has is the new d-pad + a button behind. That can change the controller settings. Just buy a scuf or buy kontrolfreeks to your controller.
  5. Digital HD
    I will be buying this along with the new chatpad they announced. Can't wait for either.
    1. WWE
      I can't wait for this thing to come out. One thing from Microsoft that's good.
  6. Ms Skizzy
    Getting this ready for bo3 <3
  7. Wavy
    I just pre-ordered today. Can't wait...
  8. TheItalianLad
    May pick this up in future.
  9. WWE
    I already got the xbox one elite version pre-ordered.:smile: