Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that its plans for Xbox One TV DVR functionality were "on hold." Microsoft may eventually launch the feature, but if you can't wait, Tablo today launched an app in the Xbox Store that lets you watch over-the-air programming and record it.

With the app, users can record shows on networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS without subscribing to cable. Shows are not recorded to your Xbox One's hard drive, however. To use the app, you need to buy a Tablo DVR device, which streams recordings to your Xbox One (or other devices). The DVR hardware starts at $180.

"When Microsoft axed its OTA DVR plans, we were putting the finishing touches on support for two new devices (Apple TV and LG Web OS Smart TVs) and were considering what to tackle next," Tablo said in a blog post. "A few Tablo users had already suggested we take look at gaming platforms, but the gaming community's reaction to this news cemented the decision."​

During Gamescom 2015, Microsoft announced that the free TV DVR functionality was planned to launch in 2016. It was also going to work with the Xbox App SmartGlass app to allow users to schedule recordings on the go. Microsoft also planned for it to support Windows 10, allowing you to watch your recordings on a PC or any other connected device.

What do you think to this announcement? How do you feel about requiring some hardware that costs $180, in-order to use this feature? Let us know in the comments!

Source: GameSpot