Great news for anyone in the UK today looking to purchase the Titanfall Xbox One bundle (not such a great thing to hear for those of you, who like myself already own the console) as the price has been CUT to £349! This price cut comes from the massive UK supermarket chain “ASDA” as well as online retailer and highly acclaimed service “Amazon”. The bundle comes with everything needed to enjoy your Xbox One experience, including the highly acclaimed game Titanfall.

The price cut for the console was announced by Microsoft on February 28th this year. The deal was previously priced at £399 which was already a nice drop from the original price of the console itself back in November, but now gamers can look forward to additional savings on the console bundle and get into enjoying some of their favourite games on the next gen console, most notably Titanfall, the game with which the bundle comes.

What does this mean for you? Will you be purchasing the console bundle after this price cut? I am slightly annoyed that I paid such a high price originally before any price cuts and would have snapped this offer up straight away, especially since it comes with a fantastic game for the console.