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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Will Be Announced Monthly


The Xbox 360 was the hallmark of online gaming alongside the PlayStation 3. Their innate capabilities to connect players across the world in a variety of games opened up many possibilities as well as the minds of casual gamers and developers. Although it was done on PC's globally before it was done on home consoles, the Xbox 360 really took it away with a variety of arcade titles and major titles in the Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty series. When the Xbox One was released in 2013, those who picked one up had hoped to be able to relive the titles they had come to love on the next-generation console. It took over two years, but backwards compatibility was eventually released to the public earlier this month on November 12.

Although there are a handful of titles with backwards compatibility support, there were a massive amount of games released on the Xbox 360 that have yet to come to the Xbox One. More and more titles have been periodically added through Xbox Live's Games With Gold or bundles such as the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, but gamers haven't really had a clear idea of what titles they'd see going forward.

That is why Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Xbox Division, has taken to Twitter, stating that they will be releasing an announcement each month detailing the games that will be joining the list of games with backwards compatibility support.

Given that the release dates of hit games such as Halo: Reach, the BioShock series, and Call of Duty: Black Ops are still up in the air, it's likely that Microsoft may be announcing backwards compatibility support for them in the near future. This will also give Xbox One owners a heads-up so that they'll know when their favorite Xbox 360 titles will be coming to Xbox One.

Monthly announcements could mean that Microsoft plans to grant backwards compatibility support to more games than before. If this is the case, what games do you expect or hope to see on your Xbox One in the coming months?
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