Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Reaches the Masses this November

Earlier in the year, during their E3 press conference, Microsoft announced the addition of backwards compatibility to the Xbox One. Up until now,...
  1. Invisible Man

    Earlier in the year, during their E3 press conference, Microsoft announced the addition of backwards compatibility to the Xbox One. A bold move, which many consumers might consider to be a game changer in what is known as the "Console Wars". Up until now, participants of the Xbox One Preview Program have been the only ones to enjoy a select number of backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles. All of that is about to change.

    During this morning's Gamescom 2015 press conference, Xbox announced that its backwards compatibility program will be available to all Xbox One owners, free of charge, starting this November. Along with that news, it was also revealed that all games in the Xbox 360 Games with Gold program will be backwards compatible as well. Which means that Xbox One owners will now have four free games to choose from each month. In addition to Microsoft Studios, a number of third-party publishers are throwing their support behind this project; with many more on the way. You can find a current list of participating publishers in the spoiler below.



    Bandai Namco




    Deep Silver


    Electronic Arts

    Koei Tecmo



    Square Enix


    Warner Bros Interactive

    Is backwards compatibility really a game changer? Will Sony follow Microsofts lead? Let us know how you feel about this in the comments below.


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  1. Master
    I hope this is going to be worth the wait.
  2. Wonder Boys
    IMO this isnt a game changer, but instead a very nice addition. My 3 boys have some favourite 360 games but no console, as a parent I save $$ because I don't have to buy another console, happy days.
  3. Vizionz4D
    Im not gonna care about this.... I thought BC was gonna come out before fallout 4 did .. But good achievement MS
  4. Arxhive
    It better not be crap and full of frame drops like the Xbox -> 360 compatibility.
  5. WeeGee
    This is awesome! Can't wait for this to be brought in November
  6. Ecko_1223
    Just give me Civilization Revolution and I'll be happy
  7. Tricky
    I would be suprised if any CoD games make it on the list. Activision is just to greedy, and they rather have you buy their new crap titles then keep playing their old titles. Which is stupid, because at least people like me, would atleast go out and buy the old games again instead of wasting money on this futuristic crap they keep coming out with.

    Besides, as long as their considering making remasters of the old titles, they will not make them backwards compitable.
      2ndhero likes this.
  8. 3xTiNcT
    Hopefully by then then they have more backward compatible games.
  9. Wavy
    Looking forward to the OG Borderlands! :biggrin:
  10. Banned Member
    Think any xbone cod servers will be merged with the 360 servers
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    2. Skype
    3. vTropicv
      Thank god!
    4. 2ndhero
      They already are merged.