Just when we thought our old Xbox 360 games would forever catch dust as we move forward on our shiny Xbox One, something great has been announced. Phil Spencer announced during the Xbox E3 presentation that soon, every Xbox One console will natively support backwards compatibility for hundreds of Xbox 360 titles; digital and physical. We'll even be able to play multiplayer on our beloved Xbox 360 games.

The digital download titles will begin to show up in your game library automatically as they become available, and disc based games will work via the Disc Drive, however, you'll still be required to download the game (sort of like an install). Let's also not forget that XBLA titles will also be available via this new feature. Preview members will be able to play these games starting today, and everyone else will be able to play them this holiday season. With over 100 titles planned to be accessible by the holiday season, and tons more in the future.

This news is definitely big! A lot of people were worried that once Xbox LIVE on the Xbox 360 was shut down, that we'd no longer be able to play our favorite games. This is no longer an issue, and definitely a big thing for the platform. What do you guys think of the newly announced backwards compatibility? Also, if you're not already a member of the Xbox One Preview Program, you can request an invite in this thread.