Arguably the most popular zombie game on the PC platform, DayZ has sold over a million copies in the first four weeks. This number is ever growing, but we could be seeing an even larger spike in the future. Creator Dean Hall says he would consider releasing the game on any "feasible" platform and has even spoken "extensively" with Microsoft. There is no real commitment yet, but I am sure both Microsoft and Sony would welcome a game this popular with open arms.

Apparently, Dean Hall has spoken "extensively" with Microsoft about bringing the open world, ultra realistic, and insanely successful game onto the next-gen platform. Hall, however, has not been in talks with Sony, stating: "I've not personally had the opportunity to view the full details of the PS4."

While Hall is hopeful for the future of DayZ on next-gen consoles, he still feels that PC's are the way forward. "I personally feel the new consoles have yet to prove themselves able to rival the PC experience, however I feel there is the potential from both." Hall went onto speak of their "exciting promise," and feels that these consoles will provide an environment that is more than adequate to handle what this game would entail. Hall is also excited about the Kinect and voice features that would come with the consoles, saying: "I think if the role of Kinect/voice expands to where it is desired it could do some awesome things. I just think it's too early to say at this point." Pretty cool to think of the possibilities with those.

What I see here is the next Minecraft. An indie-PC game turned ultra successful, making its way into the console world. Of course, this game would also take a lot of dumbing down to be console friendly, but it is far from impossible. While these advancements are exciting, we must keep in mind that the DayZ developers plan on keeping the game in its Alpha stages into 2015, so, whether this happens or not, we are sure about one thing: It's going to be a while.

Would you buy DayZ on Xbox One/PS4? If this does make it onto consoles do you see it having the same success as Minecraft?