Since the feature was first introduced back in 2015, Microsoft has been steadily expanding Xbox One's library of backwards compatible games. That support continues with the addition of three more Xbox 360 titles, which are now playable on the current-gen console.

Microsoft's Major Nelson announced the new lineup of BC games on Twitter. First is the classic soccer sim Sensible World of Soccer, which arrives on Xbox One in time for the ongoing World Cup. Joining it is the racing sim Grid Autosport, as well as the Fable spin-off Fable Heroes. Unlike other entries in the RPG series, Heroes is a hack-and-slash game that features a cartoony visual style and four-player co-op.

If you still have a physical copy of Grid Autosport, you can simply pop its disc into your Xbox One and begin playing. Likewise, if you own Sensible World of Soccer or Fable Heroes digitally on Xbox 360, the games will automatically appear in the Ready to Download section of Xbox One's My Games and Apps area. You can also buy any of these games digitally from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has regularly been adding games to Xbox One's BC library. The most recent was the popular Xbox 360 shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which was updated with backwards compatibility last week. In addition to 360 titles, Microsoft recently began introducing original Xbox games to Xbox One's BC library, with 18 arriving back in April. You can see everything in our full list of backwards compatibility games.

Source: GameSpot