Considering Minecraft has sold an outrageous 121 million copies as of February 2017, chances are good that you've already tried it once or twice. But if you want to take a spin in Minecraft on Xbox One, that version is free to play this weekend. In addition, the Xbox Live online service is currently free for everyone on every game until May 21.

If you own an Xbox One, you can now download Minecraft for no cost from the Xbox store. In addition, players who don't subscribe to Xbox Live have the opportunity to play any multiplayer game on Xbox One or Xbox 360.

There's only a short window to check out Minecraft or play with your friends; once it hits 11:59 PT on Sunday, May 21, you'll have to shell out $20 for the game and $60 per year for Xbox Live.

This isn't the first time that Microsoft has offered free weekends; the company has offered Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, NBA 2K17, and Rocket League, among others,Xbox Live Goes Free For The Weekend Alongside Xbox One's Minecraft in the past. Meanwhile, on PC, Guild of Dungeoneering currently has a free weekend going on.

Source: GameSpot