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Xbox LIVE adds the ability to unlock discounts via Gamerscore

  1. OctaVariuM
    As the title says, Xbox LIVE has recently added the ability for gamers to unlock different discounts on products if they have attained a certain Gamerscore.

    As videogamer.com mentions, if gamers have between 3,000-9,999 g.s, you will receive a "special gift" on your birthday (this is also more incentive for gamers to actually update their profiles). If you have between 10,000-24,999 g.s, you will also get a 1% rebate on all Xbox LIVE Marketplace purchases each month. Those with 25,000 or more Gamerscore will reap the benefits of 2% worth of rebates.​
    Fortunately, most Xbox LIVE purchases qualify for the rebates, but it's not exactly a significant savings. I can't really see it mattering much for the average gamer.​

    It is better than nothing at all, and I understand that Microsoft can't go giving huge discounts to millions of gamers all the time.​
    What do you guys think about the new program? Is it worth working towards a higher Gamerscore?Should they have offered more tiers of discounts for "Gamerscore whores?" ​

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