Xbox LIVE adds the ability to unlock discounts via Gamerscore

By OctaVariuM, Sep 28, 2012 | |
  1. OctaVariuM
    As the title says, Xbox LIVE has recently added the ability for gamers to unlock different discounts on products if they have attained a certain Gamerscore.

    As mentions, if gamers have between 3,000-9,999 g.s, you will receive a "special gift" on your birthday (this is also more incentive for gamers to actually update their profiles). If you have between 10,000-24,999 g.s, you will also get a 1% rebate on all Xbox LIVE Marketplace purchases each month. Those with 25,000 or more Gamerscore will reap the benefits of 2% worth of rebates.​
    Fortunately, most Xbox LIVE purchases qualify for the rebates, but it's not exactly a significant savings. I can't really see it mattering much for the average gamer.​

    It is better than nothing at all, and I understand that Microsoft can't go giving huge discounts to millions of gamers all the time.​
    What do you guys think about the new program? Is it worth working towards a higher Gamerscore?Should they have offered more tiers of discounts for "Gamerscore whores?" ​

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