It's a new month, and that means another set of games for Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's all-you-can-eat subscription service for games on Xbox One. The $10 per month service offers unlimited downloads of its library, which promises all first-party Xbox games on the day of release. This month the spate of games includes contract killing, cyberpunk shooting, and zombie slaughtering, just to name a few.

Available starting August 1, Game Pass includes the entire first season of Hitman, the episodic reboot of the classic series. Its sequel, Hitman 2--which abandons the subscription model--is launching this November. Ruiner is an action shooter set in a cyberpunk dystopia, and Ryse: Son of Rome was a much-talked-about Xbox One launch game renowned for its visual feats. The Escapists: Walking Dead takes the adorable pixel art and gameplay of The Escapists series and applies it to the zombie franchise. Dandara is a Metroidvania with some fluid gravity-defying reversal.

A couple of Xbox 360 games are coming back as well. Dead Rising 2 was the bigger and weirder sequel to the original zombie-smashing hit, and this version includes all of the DLC costumes. For something a little more family friendly you can check out Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure to explore worlds themed after animated classics.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has pushed out an update making the Game Pass interface a little neater. A new main Game Pass tab on the Xbox One interface takes you right to all of the offerings, with lists of recent additions, popular games, and other curated categories. Given the large and growing list of Xbox Game Pass games available, better discoverability was a must.

Source: GameSpot