WWE 2K16 - Bigger and Better?

By Alex · Jul 5, 2015 · Updated Jul 6, 2015
  1. Alex

    If you are like me and you enjoy a good wrestling game, you might just go ahead and pick up the new WWE game that hits shelves every year without fail, and like me you might be disappointed, every year. Well hopefully this year is different, as last week 2K Sports announced via Twitter that there will be more than 120 unique models in WWE 2K16, opposed to the 67 unique models that were in WWE 2K15.

    Of the 67 character models included in WWE 2K15 a handful were DLC, however in WWE 2K16 it has been confirmed that the 120+ models will ship with game when it launches. What makes this different to past WWE games then? Well this time around we have more room for more main roster wrestlers that didn't make it into last years game even though they were in prior releases, on top of that WWE have their own development company called NXT which has a roster of its own consisting of 36 entertainers. This is a big step in the right direction for WWE video games as it's setting the bar high for future releases.

    It has also been rumoured that they are trying to get as many WWE Superstars as they can for the video game, including the newest addition to NXT, Samoa Joe.

    In all honesty I think this will make the series great again, over the last few years the games have become repetitive and the DLC system has been ruined by characters packs, there have been instances where wrestlers featured in prior games have been made available in later releases as DLC. The only downside to having a large roster this year is the fact that it could potentially cut back development time for other features in the game, not to mention that these unique models could very well be past wrestlers from 20 years ago. Only time will tell if this is a good decision.

    Are you happy that they are releasing the new addition to the series with such a large roster? What other areas do you think the games could severely improve in? Leave your comments and share your thoughts on this news.

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Maybe I'll have to check this one out but I doubt I'll get it. I haven't played a wrestling game in forever.
  2. Vice City
    When I got 2k15, about a week later I sold it, same with 2k14 when that got released, last decent WWE Game was WWE 13'
    WWE 12' was the worst to date. I don't like what 2k are doin to the games though, introducing new grappling systems etc... really pisses me off. they need to keep the mechanics as it was back in WWE 13', maybe tweak a few things & it would be nice to bring back a few old mechanics from previous games such as Smackdown vs Raw 2007, when they introduced the analogue control system & the hotspots they was great.
    They should also focus on some backstage areas more in-depth also like in past games like on Here Comes The Pain, as you could go back & fourth from the Ring to the parking lot area & all areas in-between.

    I've been a wrestling fan ever since I first seen King of The Ring 98' I loved it as soon as I set my eyes on it, then came the games. I've played all the games to date, but I don't see myself buying the new one, especially after the let down last year. They need to create a new "career" mode also, Anyone remember the 24/7 Mode on Smackdown vs Raw 2008? I Loved that mode, I found it fun & entertaining. Working to become a WWE Legend, Also if played right (Legend Difficulty with AI reversals set full) & start out as a CAW with 50 overall it was a real fun challenge, building up your stats, working your way to main events, building your fan base, it has everything I ever wanted in a game. They should have something like that, with multiple story lines which are triggered depending on how you take your career. I would certainly buy that.

    They also need to bring back many of the old match types that could be played, I felt as if WWE 2k15 was very bland & there was not as much to choose from as the previous games. I could go on, but I just don't see the point, I won't get the new game, or any other. I'll rather stick to watching Monday Night RAW & invest into a PS2 system with Smackdown vs RAW 2006, 2007 & Smackdown Here Comes The Pain :smile:
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  3. Wavy
    My last wrestling game was WCW nWo Revenge on the Nintendo 64 lol. But I have been branching out of my COD fanboy pattern recently so I might just look into this :smile:
  4. Guardian
    Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 with ECW is the greatest WWE game.
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  5. Owl
    I'm a huge WWE Fan, I watched more in the Attitude Era. I won't lie I was disappointed with the lack of some really big names in 2K15 (Edge, Eddie G, etc.) So hopefully they can make it big, plus I wouldn't mind using someone like DDP and land a diamond cutter on Randy Orton. ><
    1. Fight Owens Fight
      How huge a wwe fan? Lol.
    2. Alex
      Or Kanyon and use the Kanyon Cutter haha
  6. Fight Owens Fight
    Um... Mark Henry was in 2K15, his 2011 model was in the dlc pack "One More Match"
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    2. Fight Owens Fight
      i'll make a new profile on my xbox without the dlc unlocked and see.
    3. Fight Owens Fight
      Yep, he is next to Luke Harper, the dlc version is the one with the hair.
    4. Alex
      That's weird, on the Xbox One he wasn't selectable until I downloaded all the content. Then again the game was plagued with bugs so it was probably just something on my end. Thanks for pointing it out.
  7. Master
    The last wrestling game I have played had "The Rock" in it. Lmfao, it was pretty good too. Sadly, I am not too into the newer WWE.
    1. Ressurection
      If you haven't played a Next Gen WWE game you should. You either love it or hate it, and if you love it my god me and all my friends have put at least 200+ hours into 2k15 alone.
    2. Master
      I might just pick up a used copy for the experience.
  8. Visio
    I told you it was fine :wink: