World of Warcraft didn't feature heavily in BlizzCon's opening ceremony today, but that wasn't for a lack of information to share. The subsequent WoW panel revealed a ton of new details about what's coming in updates 7.1.5 and 7.2.

Among the additions in 7.1.5 are what are called micro holidays. These are smaller, more frequent holiday-style events that might be available for only a day and offer opportunities to do new and different things. These include things like Volunteer Guard Day, where you assume patrol duty from an NPC. More exciting is Ahn'Qiraj Remembrance Day, which will take place on January 22. This hearkens back to a classic event and will pit all players from each faction in a given region against one another. The faction that wins will see its flag flown in that area for the next year.

7.1.5 also adds support for more dungeons with Time walking and offers a fresh coat of paint to Blade's Edge. Its game play won't change, but it looks much nicer and has a new announcer (who's located in the area itself) that you'll hear commenting on things.

As the number suggests, 7.2 will be even more substantial. It introduces a nine-boss raid, Tomb of Sargeras, new world quests, and a return to the Broken Shore. Here, you'll continue the Class Order campaign as part of a new faction, the Armies of Legionfall. You'll help to build up a base and plan the assault.

No doubt in response to fan feedback, 7.2 will also bring in flying in Broken Shore. Alongside this, each class is getting its own epic flying mount, which you'll receive after completing your Class Order campaign. These are pictured above.

Taking inspiration from other Blizzard games, Blizzard is bringing a Brawl mode to its PvP scene. Like those in Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm, these Brawls will be weekly events with different types of game play. The goal is to offer something that's fun, even if it's a wacky idea, with positively received ones possibly being introduced on a more permanent basis. A number of ideas for these were mentioned, including a 15v15 Arena (called Packed House) and an instant-cap version of Warsong.

With your artifact, you can also obtain new, class-specific weapon transformations that look particularly cool.

The 7.1.5 patch will arrive on the Public Test Realm following BlizzCon, with the 7.2 patch following on the PTR once testing is done on 7.1.5. No proper release dates were announced for any of this beyond "soon."

Source: GameSpot