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Windows XP: Major Security Risks Inbound

If you're a PC user in the modern world, you're most likely using Windows 7 or 8, without so much as a thought about previous Windows Operating Systems such as Vista or XP. Well, for those who aren't aware, for the last 12 years Windows XP has been alive, and surprisingly, thriving, in spite of its younger siblings essentially running the show. Despite the longevity of XP's life, Microsoft has announced that on April 8th, 2014, it will be dropping all support for XP. Now, it's quite reasonable for some of you to question this by asking what the big deal is. Well, the big deal is this: with Microsoft dropping support, millions of computers are now vulnerable to hackers.​
Tim Rains, the director of the Trustworthy Computing Group said that: "The very first month that Microsoft releases security updates for supported versions of Windows, attackers will reverse-engineer those updates, find the vulnerabilities and test Windows XP to see if it shares [them], If it does, attackers will attempt to develop exploit code that can take advantage of those vulnerabilities on Windows XP. Since a security update will never become available for Windows XP to address these vulnerabilities, Windows XP will essentially have a zero-day vulnerability forever."​
With almost a third of current PCs running Windows XP, this could be a truly devastating development for many people. After support is dropped, many systems will now be vulnerable to attack, including business holding your personal information. This is, obviously, not good. Despite this, many people don't seem concerned about the potential risk. How do you feel about this? Do you think hackers will have a field day come April, or will those increasingly outdated systems continue on without any attacks? Let us know below.​
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