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Windows Phone user receive 20GB of free SkyDrive Storage


For those of you out there with a Windows phone, you might be happy to hear that Microsoft is rewarding owners with an additional 20GB of SkyDrive storage. As it currently stands, this special offer can be redeemed until the 31st of January. Your added 20GB of storage lasts for a full year, and stacks on top of whatever amount of storage your current SkyDrive has.
Microsoft had this to say: “To show our appreciation of Windows Phone customers, we are giving you an extra 20GB of free SkyDrive storage for one year. This is in addition to the 7GB of free SkyDrive storage that all customers currently have.” They also suggested that a great way to use this additional storage is to use SkyDrive to "automatically back up the photos and videos you take on your phone." I'd imagine plenty of people will be taking advantage of that feature. The rest of the email simply provides information on how to sign up.​
Lately, Microsoft has been pushing SkyDrive across multiple products, from your computer, to your Xbox, in hopes to provide a reliable, cloud based, storage solution for everyone. So, how do you feel about SkyDrive? For those of you with Windows Phones, will you be cashing this in? Or do you think that SkyDrive is just Microsoft's way of trying to compete with other companies? Or, maybe, you don't care at all. Regardless, let us know what you think in the comments below.​
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