Looks like we have a bit of interesting information for you Xbox One and Windows 10 fans. If you read the article posted earlier regarding Windows 10 and the Xbox One, you'd be aware that the new OS won't be coming to the console till the post-summer period. However, some new information has come to light regarding the way Windows 10 will be integrated into the system.

A trusted source shared information regarding the upcoming update with Se7enSins user Chr0m3 x MoDz, who posted some of the information via his Twitter account. All of this information of course, is related to the upcoming Xbox One update that will integrate the Windows 10 Operating System. However, when taking in this information, we want you to remember that this information is a leak, and should not be considered as official confirmation of anything.

Let's get into the leaked information, shall we? The first leak claims that with the Windows 10 integration, we will be able to communicate with Xbox One users via Party Chat on a Windows 10 device. In other words, it'll be cross-system chat. This may seem somewhat useless now, but accompanied with what is included with the second leak, it will seem pretty useful. A lot of the recent updates to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 chat systems might actually have a little to do with this.

Onto leak number 2, which goes in tandem with the previous leak about cross-system Party Chat with the console. The unnamed source reported that a Windows 10 App (most likely available in the Windows App Store), will allow users to join players in Xbox LIVE Multiplayer sessions. Yes, that essentially means that by using Windows 10's feature to play games from your console, you'll also be able to join in on your friends multiplayer sessions! So those of you with those powerful gaming PC's, you might be able to get your hands on those console exclusives after all.

As for the third leak, it's something that might actually only interest developers for Windows and Xbox applications. There is believed to be an API that will supplement the needed materials for porting applications from one OS to the other, and to the Xbox One. This might not seem like something that's that important, however, I believe that it is. The ability to port Windows 8 applications to Windows 10, and then to the Xbox One console generally would imply that the application marketplace for the Xbox One would be able to VASTLY expand. Different types of applications for different types of people. From streaming, gaming, social media, and more! However, as I said earlier, take this with a grain of salt, as any of this information could be false, or inaccurate to some extent.

Of course, we've saved the best bit of the information for last. This definitely is one of the more interesting part of the leak, as it includes what seems to be screenshots of the interface that we will use in order to interactive with our Xbox One console via Windows 10.

Many of the things seen above are mostly previously seen Windows 8 UI systems re-implemented for use in the Windows 10 integration. We can see a small preview of the "Xbox app" that will allow us to see a lot of the information that we can currently see on the Xbox One Smartglass application. It's very possible that it's simply a more feature rich port of the mobile application. The "Title callable UI" and "Windows Toast and Action Center" seem to be the more interesting features to be added. As they seem to contain all of the operations for communicating with our Xbox LIVE friends. Such as sending and reading messages, sending game invites, viewing achievements, watching game clips, viewing gamercards and more.

The "Game bar" piqued my interest a little as it's the only part of this information that seems to be 100% "new", per say. Just from looking at this screenshot, it looks like we'll be able to use the "Game bar" to take screenshots, record game clips and possible edit those close via some sort of a Upload Studio port for Windows 10.

Again, I will mention that this information is all obtained from leaked material, thus meaning none of it is official confirmed by Microsoft, or the Xbox team. When more information becomes available about the Windows 10 release for Xbox One, we'll be sure to cover it for all of you wonderful sinners. As for now, let us know what you think about these features that might be coming to your PC/Tablet device running Windows 10. Do you think these new features are too much? Too little? Or are you expecting even crazier things from Microsoft this summer? Maybe you're even speculating a rise in the Indie platform due to the porting of Windows 8 apps to the Xbox One? Let us know below!