A lot of us are definitely excited for the inevitable release of the next Windows Operating System, Windows 10. Many users of the Xbox One console are also curious as to what changes the OS will bring to their consoles, since the Xbox One currently runs a slightly modified version of the Windows 8.x kernel. Unfortunately, even with all of the information being released about Windows 10 for Tablets and PC's, little to no information has been released regarding its role on the Xbox One, until now.

Thanks to a Tweet posted by the head of Microsoft's Xbox division, Phil Spencer, we're able to confirm that Windows 10 will not be seen on the console until after it has made it's debut release on PC's. There's currently no official release date for Windows 10, but many are speculating that it will be sometime in July of 2015. The Xbox One version, along with a release for other devices such as the HoloLens and Surface Hubs, will be post-summer releases.

The Windows 10 launch is planned to be done in stages, or waves, if you'd like to call it that. This will essentially allow Microsoft to effectively assess the OS' performance on different devices on a large user base, and correctly create compatibility patches where needed for each set of devices. In other words, if they were to release it to all the devices at once, it's possible that some of them could fall victim to crippling bugs caused by something being incompatible.

Microsoft's VP released the following statement regarding the Windows 10 launch during Build 2015 to PC Advisor: "The way to think about it will be a launch wave that starts in the summer with PCs, and fills out over time as more devices come online. You should expect the phone, HoloLens Xbox and Surface Hub launches will be staggered."

What do you guys think about Windows 10 on your Xbox One console? Do you agree with Microsoft decision to stagger the releases to insure the best experience for each device? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks to Kankuro for bringing this to our attention.