Will Destiny Update Rejuvenate the Game?

With players complaining once more about Destiny becoming stagnant, Bungie hopes to breathe new life into the title with a new update that...
  1. Night
    Hello again, Guardians. It's time once more for an update to Destiny. The game has once again become a grind-fest, players are complaining and Bungie is praying for a miracle. They hope to get Guardians back into the game with a new update that is chock full of new stuff to do, levels to reach and gear to obtain. All we can do now is hope that it keeps us busy for more than a week or two.

    Yesterday the popular developer hosted a livestream showcasing what we would see in Aprils upcoming update. We got a nice look at some new gear via screenshots of the stream and we also learned some new details concerning Iron Banner. As you can see from the screenshots below, we will be introduced to new enemies, we're getting new shaders and there is new gear for us to obtain from Iron Banner.

    The biggest news is that your light level cap will be increasing once more. After the update, your maximum light will be 335. To accommodate the increase, the Kings Fall raid will raise drops to 330, while the Court of Oryx will have a chance to drop 335 artifacts. On top of that, there is a new quest where you must hunt down a would-be Taken Prince and a strike featuring a new boss named Malak, who can be seen in the images above.

    Despite initial rumors, the new Prison of Elders will not include checkpoints, meaning your runs will be more challenging than you may have imagined. You will be able to visit Variks to take on a new, level 41 version of the Prison, complete with 8 updated bosses. There will also be a new challenge mode, called Challenge of the Elders, which will feature weekly boss battles, gameplay twists, scoring and new rewards!

    Iron Banner will be returning with some new rewards as well. The game mode will be Control, and as always you will have to bring your best gear to stand a chance. The new loot looks promising, so I'm sure we will see plenty of Guardians in full combat attire duking it out for a chance to get some new gear from Lord Saladin. There seems to be a new machine gun that will be offered, something any sensible Guardian will be clamoring to get his, or her, hands on.

    That's about all we know concerning the new update, but there will be two more streams before the update goes live, so chances are this article will be updated in the following weeks with more juicy tidbits concerning the game. Feel free to let us know what you think about the update information in the comments below! Will it be enough to bring the casual fan base back, or will it be just another thing that die hard fans work towards for a week or two before completing it all and being stuck with nothing to do?


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  1. MrMurder420
    Buy Elder Scrolls Online. Lol.
    win win
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    2. Night
      I've actually been quite surprised at the amount of dislike being shown towards Destiny. I have a great time whenever I play tbh.
    3. Kerbewm
      My main problem with destiny is that you're locked out of almost two thirds of the game if you're not willing to fork out for the awful DLC's. The only one that's been any good is The Taken King and that's not nearly worth the price of admission.

      That and the fact it's got literally no story. The Taken King was pretty much the first bit of content that's been released with any kind of narrative.
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    4. MrMurder420
      Destiny is a crap shoot plain and simple and does not even come close to TESO. Anyone who tries both will tell you the extent of content that TESO disc alone supplies is ridiculous and feels like eternity... destiny feels like minecraft to me now.
  2. n0rdicz
    Than we get a new dlc with a price of a full game... And so on till my children play destiny 17 with new season pass worth nothing till the destiny content dlc prized like the new Playstation 68...
    Ups farseeing is so easy with bungee
  3. Spyro
    No thanks not wasting my time on this game anymore, I'd rather beat a dead horse or smash my face on bricks. Sorry bungie but no more please
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  4. ZacOnCrac
    Destiny is un-healthy for me. I don't even know why I allowed myself to play it for so long, it was so repetitive and the diversity of enemies was too little for me...but hey, I've got 2 level 40 characters, fight me
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    1. MrMurder420
      Same man I went hard one of each class level 40 grinding out nothing Lol... wasted months. Just glad I played prior to TTK... that ruined it majorly.
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  5. Invisible Man
    Nope.... This update merely serves to keep their dwindling fanbase chasing that useless carrot. A new light level, ONE new quest, ONE new strike, and an updated PoE. Which not many people found to be enjoyable the first time around. So, good luck grinding the same ol' sh*t over and over again. The rest of us have wised up and moved on to other games.
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    2. Vexx
      In my opinion that's a terrible way to look at it Invisible Man. Sure, new games will always be more appetizing since they offer a completely new experience, but that doesn't diminish the effort put into the free (regardless of the way you want to look at it) update(s). Don't get me wrong, I've taken a break from Destiny too, after hard King's Fall there was little to nothing to keep me interested. As such I've since moved on to other games, Division being one example, but even then I'm at a point where I have to wait for new stuff to do in that game too. I don't blame Bungie or the game itself though. With any game you're bound to reach a point where you've done "everything" and you're without a goal. WoW, Diablo, Skyrim, Dark Souls, Call of Duty, whatever it may be will always eventually get tiring. For example a game that started development in 1990's and released today (whilst somehow still being relevant to next-gen consoles/modern PCs) would still eventually run out of content.
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    3. Night
      Invisible Man its not your opinion on the game that bothers me, it's the way you put down the players who enjoy the game, likening them to uselessly running on a treadmill. Your opinion on the game is always welcome, I just dislike how more and more gamers seem to put down the fan base simply for enjoying a game that said gamer doesn't like.
    4. Keeley Hazell
      I didn't see Invisible Man put down anyone specifically, I actually think the man is right lol. Literally all of my friends who I used to play Destiny with think the same thing. Probably 75% of the people who played it during its "peak" will say the game is dead because quite frankly.. it is. @Vexxx You're right in any game you do get to that point but Bungie has had a lot of false promises and the game has went in a direction that most of us didn't expect or want. I was excited for TTK until I saw that every enemy is one that already exists, just colored blue and given new attacks(Yeah, so clever). I'm not hating on the fanbase at all nor do I think Invisible Man was.. A lot of us just feel the game has nothing else really to offer besides grinding for 1-2 weeks then never playing it again until the next "DLC" lol.
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  6. Cakes
    It has 16 weeks of challenges to complete, as well as new quests, weapons, armor and activities. I think it'll keep us busy for a few months. I think they're going in the right direction by making smaller DLCs that have a lot of content, opposed to a large DLC that has a few things.
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  7. Arxhive
    This game is deader than dead. I can't blame Bungie, I blame Activision.
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    2. MonzterSlayer
      Nope...It's dead...
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    3. Viitri
      You know what's dead? COD Ghosts, that **** has 3000 people playing at one time.
    4. Arxhive
      Night a thousand blind worshippers out of millions of buyers. It's dead.
  8. Keeley Hazell
    I un-installed it and like I've said on other posts, I wouldn't touch it again unless they added a new raid. Even the Oryx raid didn't keep me occupied for too long.. Beat it a few times on Hard then un-installed the game. Bungie knows how to fix their game they are just cheap as hell. I always thought Destiny had the potential to be an amazing game, they're just lazy to put any effort into the storyline or the boss fights themselves(Oryx was a giant Knight.. really?). I thought the game was fun while it lasted but I had much higher expectations. I was expecting it to be a little like WoW in the sense that they keep the same game (Destiny) and just constantly add expansions to it.
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    1. Night
      There's a lot more to the story than you think if you take the time to read all the grimoire cards online. I do think that should have been included directly in the game, but the content is there to read if you're willing. As far as Oryx being a giant knight, I don't really see the issue. At one point he was just a regular hive creature, so it makes sense that his transformation would leave him looking similar to his previous form.
    2. Keeley Hazell
      I was just using an example in the sense that if you really think about it literally every boss is a smaller enemy blown up in size for the most part..(Giant servitor, giant vandal, giant knight, giant hydra, giant hobgoblin, etc). I just love how from what I've read they tried to make the story less complicated for casual gamers but I feel like it backfired and it made the story have little to no sense unless like you said, you read the grimoire online which I'm sure there's a lot of people like me who are lazy and feel like we shouldn't have to.
  9. 3xTiNcT
    I don't see this doing well considering all the other DLC... We'll see though..
  10. televisedfool

    Bought and played the game for maybe two weeks after release and then sold it. Bungie will never get me to pick up Destiny or any of it's sequels no matter how much they hype up their updates or game.
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