If you're a fan of BoJack Horseman or Arrested Development, you're in for a nifty little treat. Will Arnett, the actor most known for the two aforementioned works has partnered up with Xbox to bring us a whole new type of show. A Show that will be exclusive for the Xbox consoles. There is no set release date for the show, however they are hinting that it will be "coming soon" to Xbox LIVE.

Game Chat was announced officially in the following trailer. The series itself will simply be Arnett and his close friends playing games on the Xbox One console. However, they're not going to be playing the game for some superficial reason. They're there to have fun, and talk about the games that we love to play. And from the looks of the trailer, they'll be making jokes and having fun looking and wondering about the same things we do when we play a game.

The first episode of Game Chat, will feature the Game Chat team playing the recently released Evolve game from Turtle Rock Studios. A game that many of us are more than likely starting to explore, and experiment with ourselves. With the fact that Game Chat will be opening with Evolve I can't help but predict that Game Chat will be coming sooner than we may have originally expected. Will Arnett posted the following Tweet regarding Game Chat.

Looks like this might be an interesting thing to watch when we have downtime from our wonderful games. Who doesn't love playing games and having fun with their bro's?! Do you guys think you'll be watching Game Chat when it officially airs on Xbox Live? Let us know in the comments! I'd also like to thank Alex for bringing this topic to our attention.

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