So you've played your favourite game to the point where turning it on becomes a chore. You wish something could extend its longevity just that little bit extra. After blowing out all of your birthday candles, throwing a penny down the well and staring out of your waiting for a star to fall your wish finally comes true. You notice you haven’t quite hit that grand total of 1000G or unlocked your platinum trophy yet. Back to the grind you go.


It’s undisputed that an achievement system can add an extra dynamic to gaming. Some even play games with achievements as their primary motivator. Whilst many do not care for the system I’d say a large proportion of people welcome their inclusion. Sadly the Wii U will not have such a system.

5th Cell, the developer of Scribblenauts Unlimited, have said that instead of the Wii U having a cross game achievement system similar to the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 developers will have to include achievements which are only prevalent on that game. Not to state the obvious, but this has been a feature of gaming for years. Is this a step in the wrong direction for Nintendo? I’m fairly sure games such as Avatar: TLATBE have benefited from Xbox’s achievement system. Is it really that sensible to toss the idea to the wayside?

For those who like something extra to do it’s not all bad as every game will have its own accomplishments to unlock, it’s just they’re not really relevant outside of each specific game. It will be possible to share these ‘achievements’ via the Wii U’s social platform Miiverse but that’s not really the same as having a nice number next to your name, is it?

Another bout of (oldish but I'll include it here) news for prospective Wii U owners is the old friend code system will be dropped. Instead it will be replaced with a much more user friendly account system. The console will allow for 12 accounts to be used, each one having its own personal settings. It has been said that DLC will be console specific, rather than account based. This means the content can be downloaded once by any account and remain available for all to use.

That’s about it for now. Some good news tied into what I’d call the bad. I’m not interested in the Wii U so this doesn't affect me, but I definitely think it’s a poor move on Nintendo’s part to ignore a system which has proven successful on other consoles. It’s nice to see they've scrapped those friend codes though, they were a nightmare.