Wii U Emulator Cemu Has Been Released

The Wii was the first console of the last generation to have a functioning emulator. This console generation, Nintendo’s system is once again the...
  1. Monopolyman

    The Wii was the first console of the last generation to have a functioning emulator. This console generation, Nintendo’s system is once again the first to receive a working emulator. Exzap, a member of the gbatemp forums, released a Wii U emulator called Cemu this past Tuesday.

    Cemu is the first emulator of its kind and is still a work in progress. Because of this, there are a lot of quirks with the software. For starters, the emulator seems to only work well when running on an NVIDIA card capable of OpenGL 3.3. Intel iGPUs have been reported to work with visual glitches, while AMD cards seem to not work at all. The developer also said to “expect slow framerates and long load times” because “basically no optimizations” have been done yet.

    Despite some of the aforementioned problems, this is still an incredible release. The emulator is capable of loading games from a raw WUD or ISO file and playing them at 1920x1080. Even though games can’t run perfectly, there has already been successful launches of AAA titles such as Mario Kart 8 and The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker.

    While there is still a lot of work to be done, Cemu looks like a very promising project. Version 1.0.0 is currently released on GitHub as a proof of concept. Unfortunately, the source of the program is not publicly available, but since the project has a GitHub page, it’s entirely possible that this will change. Exzap is also committed to releasing a new update at least every two weeks. These updates will hopefully bring important things such as audio and optimizations to make playing Wii U games at native speeds a possibility.

    Check out the Cemu thread on gbatemp and the GitHub page to stay up-to-date with project.

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  1. josh11770
    Cool maybe if a compatibility page it sup I wouldn't mind testing a few like pikmin 3 or a mario party had up till 8 I think on go maybe 7
  2. sixty4
    I really hope Nintendo knows what they are doing, Nintendo is a bunch of old men who have NO CLUE what is happening in the gaming industry. For example, the Xbox and PlayStation can stream directly to twitch with some button pressing, on the Wii U, not only there is not option, but you must PAY to stream or upload videos. Nintendo needs to get in with the new generation, or they will fail.
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  3. AQXVN
    Woah thats cool
  4. (-_-)
    Yes, this is the **** I wanna hear.
  5. Th3-Chronikk
    i was really interested in trying this, sounds awesome. My computer flagged it as a virus though, so be careful those who use it
  6. VinnyHaw
    Kotaku ran a article on this. The emu can only launch games up to the starting screen, that's it. Then the emu crashes. So no actual gameplay.
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    2. VinnyHaw
      videos are in the article
    3. Monopolyman
      Yeah, it's very similar Xenia in terms of stability right now. The main thing is that it's able to launch games straight from a raw WUD/ISO.
    4. VinnyHaw
      Xenia has actually played games. Though the audio/graphics weren't great, the gameplay didn't seem to have any problems.
  7. Zero
    I can't wait until it's capable to run at a high frame rate and available on a wider range of computers
  8. Crooks
    So tempted to try this out and play Mario Kart
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