Who is ready for YouTube Gaming?

YouTube Gaming's website is officially launching later today in North America and Europe, and will be launching tomorrow afternoon in Australia....
  1. Inkd

    YouTube Gaming's website is officially launching later today in North America and Europe, and will be launching tomorrow afternoon in Australia. What exactly is YouTube Gaming though? Well, it's Google's new streaming service that may or may not completely change the future of video game streaming. Let's take an even deeper look as to what this new streaming service has to offer us.

    YouTube Gaming gives its users the ability to stream in 60fps. Also, Google's streaming service will allow gamers to easily convert their streams into YouTube videos without much hassle, which happens to be a feature that Twitch already has. At launch, more than 25,000 games will have their own dedicated pages. So, at least we know that we will not run out of content to watch. YouTube Gaming will additionally have iOS and Android applications for those who want to watch streams on the go.

    It's more than obvious that Twitch has always been a more sufficient streaming service than YouTube, but maybe, things will be different now. According to PC Gamer, Twitch currently has almost two million broadcasters and approximately one hundred million viewers every month. I have debated about this topic with several of my friends, and many of them are under the impression that YouTube Gaming will rule above Twitch. I don't think that's true at all. I believe that Twitch will continue to be on top, then again, several popular streamers have recently ended their contracts with Twitch due to streaming issues and the staff ignoring their complaints.

    What is your opinion on the matter? Let me know in the comments below. Do any of you stream gameplay? Will you be making the switch? Are you ready for YouTube Gaming?

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  1. Albi Doo
    This is not going to last google is trying to like take over the world with everything they do like no ur a search engine not twitch or facebook
  2. OGxKushxKing
    Im sure everyone at Twitch is ******** bricks. Kind of mean to compete with them when your stock is over $600 / share.
  3. Harry
    YouTube Gaming will dominate the competition for sure, they're owned by Google...
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    1. Red58
      Not if its poorly implemented like G+
  4. Zupah
    Just read this, interesting...
  5. W4RF1GHT3R
    I think that Robbaz's tweet pretty much sums it up for me.

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  6. Wavy
    This seems great and all, but I have skepticism with this being that YouTube can't consistently support 60fps uploading.
  7. TheItalianLad
    I hope this goes well, I'd like to see something compete with Twitch
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  8. Skype
    I experience crazy lag and I have really good internet on twitch. But when I stream on YouTube I get no lag. I will be streaming like crazy once this comes out. :tongue:
  9. Fanfare
    I feel like the only positive side will be less trolling of streams, because Google seems to handle spammers better. However Twitch allows for much easier profit making via streaming so it's going to be interesting.
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  10. Propose
    only time will tell