The latest batch of content and bonuses for Grand Theft Auto V are now available. Most notably, this week sees the addition of a new mode to GTA Online, while aircraft weapons and other such items are on sale for a limited time.

Beginning today, GTA Online players can take part in Bombushka Run, a brand-new team-based mode. It pits two squads of up to four players against each other; one side pilots the heavily armed RM-10 Bombushka plane, while the other tries to bring it down with Buzzard Attack Helicopters. The team that survives the longest while piloting the Bombushka is declared the winner. To celebrate the launch of Bombushka Run, players can earn double GTA$ and RP from the mode until September 25.

In keeping with the aerial theme, this week also sees a number of aircraft weapons and supplies go on sale. Players can get 25% off of the following items:

  • Hangar Workshops
  • Aircraft weapons
  • Liveries (cars and aircraft)
  • Resprays (cars and aircraft)
  • Mobile Operations Center Cabs
  • Executive Offices

Finally, this week's Premium Race is Water Slide, which is restricted to the Blazer Aqua. All players who participate will earn triple RP, while the top three finishers will be awarded with a substantial GTA$ payout. This week's Time Trial is Calafia Way. Those who manage to best the target time will receive a handsome GTA$ and RP reward.

Source: GameSpot