What's In The Call Of Duty: WW2 Beta On PS4 And Xbox One

Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer beta launches later this month, and we now have a better idea of what to expect from it. The beta will feature...
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    Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer beta launches later this month, and we now have a better idea of what to expect from it.

    The beta will feature the Pointe Du Hoc, Ardennes, and Gibraltar maps. Developer Sledgehammer notes there will be "at least three" multiplayer maps included, suggesting more could be added before the beta wraps up. Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Hardpoint will all be playable, as will War, the new mode that we think helps to make WWII feel fresh. Specifically, you'll be able to check out Operation Breakout, described as the "first War mode experience."

    Beta testers will also have the opportunity to experience Divisions, which serve as the replacement for the Pick 10 customization system that Call of Duty games have been using for years. The Infantry, Expeditionary, Airborne, Armored, and Mountain Divisions will all be available; however, progression will be limited, allowing access to only a selection of weapons and other unlockables.

    "This test of the Private Multiplayer Beta will feature an introduction to a portion of the player's soldier progression and the underlying foundation of Divisions, and we can't wait to hear your thoughts on it," Sledgehammer said. "The final design of this new feature will continue to be fine-tuned as development continues from now through launch."

    In addition to sharing what will be in the beta, the company also noted what will not be in there--namely, Headquarters (the new social space), supply drops, and esports functionality.

    Sledgehammer described the beta as "a critical test of our core gameplay, our game systems, as well as a stress test of our online infrastructure at scale." It also made a call for feedback to the beta, saying it will help to "finalize features, optimize gameplay balance, and refine the remaining development roadmap to launch."

    Call of Duty: WWII's beta will be private and runs August 25-28 on PS4. A second private beta will follow September 1-4 on both PS4 and Xbox One. You can guarantee yourself access to the betas by pre-ordering the game, which launches on November 3. Participating will get you some rewards in the full game.

    Source: GameSpot

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  1. HumphreyMax
    I wish they would stop ruining the franchise with a new game every year and make something truly remarkable like when Call of Duty Modern Warfare came out. It's not that these games don't have a place, but rehashing the same thing every year with different graphics and eras isn't revolutionizing the gaming industry, that doesn't apply to just CoD either. Battlefield and the rest fall into the same rut. If people stopped buying it for the graphics or just to have the latest one, developers would spend more time on something unique.
    1. Skepta
      The developers each still get three years in production, this should be adequate time to make something remarkable.
    2. HumphreyMax
      Yeah Im tracking that, but I still feel like its just a re-skin with nothing new really to offer, especially for 60 dollars. Maybe I'm just getting older and not caring as much about games these days, I still fully enjoy other games such as GTA V and strategy games like Wargame.
      Skepta likes this.
  2. AlienFreek01
    I never understood the purpose of a closed beta. Obviously they do it to reel in some more cash, but it kinda defeats the purpose of a beta.
      UnwiseBuckle400 likes this.
    1. Skepta
      The beta will be to air out any problems that may arise and to get people to test guns and servers etc, this will all still happen through a closed beta.
    2. AlienFreek01
      Skepta yes it will, but it would be much more thorough if it was open to a larger audience