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What's Holding Activision Back From Progressing to the Past?

It's no secret that a majority of Call of Duty fans are absolutely sick of traveling to the future year after year. Many fan's minds remain...
  1. God

    It's no secret that a majority of Call of Duty fans are absolutely sick of traveling to the future year after year. Many fan's minds remain boggled over the idea of a developer not listening to the requests coming from their core fanbase. Maybe it's due to the fact that despite the endless "I'm sick of this, I won't purchase a Call of Duty title ever again!" comments, they still make massive sales year after year. Despite their efforts to resist, even the most defiant people refusing to fall for the hype still end up purchasing the game. With the upcoming release of Infinite Warfare, it seems like Infinity Ward has finally snapped the breaking point of CoD fans. However, despite the abysmal attention the game has been receiving, they're still confident the game will be as successful as previous titles in the series, and maybe even surpass previous titles. Why is this? Because they've seen Call of Duty faced with such a situation before, and like I previously mentioned, they met the light at the end of the tunnel pretty quickly.

    There are some pretty wicked tactics Infinity Ward seems to be pulling to ensure of this. Sure, the remastered version of Modern Warfare is a step in the right direction, and many fans praised the developer for finally letting the cries from their fanbase go in one ear and up to sift in the brain, instead of going in one and out the other. However, there's a twist, one we're all painfully aware of. In order to gain access you must purchase Infinite Warfare, basically guaranteeing good sales whether you want the main game or not. Alas, once again fans have gathered up in arms. There's widespread refusal to purchase Infinite Warfare just to grab a title they have been desperately waiting for. I just pray this time people actually stick to their promises. The developers know Call of Duty is crack, and they know their fans couldn't run off on the plug even if they wanted to. On the hopeful side of things, one could argue that the release of the remastered Modern Warfare is a test to see if their fans are really interested in purchasing a CoD title that goes back in time. If this is the case however, how they went about executing this plan is either really poor or extremely great depending on how you look at it. There are quite a few variables that factor in whether on not they can cash in on the prized item their fans have been begging for.

    While we're still on the topic of Call of Duty, have you ever wondered why they keep moving forward in time? One of the more obvious answers is they're trying to appeal to their target audience. It's more than a just a meme when people mention the vast amount of children polluting the lobbies of their favorite FPS. We all know an M rating doesn't matter, the kids may as well be walking in the store and buying the game for themselves. We know this, their parents know this, and every bigwig in the development studios knows this. Could the reason for constant futuristic titles be the belief that kids are solely interested in fictional technology? That very well may be the case. Games based on the current generation of warfare is cool and all, but maybe they thought it was finally time for something different. However, too much of one thing can get extremely monotonous after a while. And the complaints the fanbase has been making are a prime example of that. Back to the topic of the target audiences, the CEO of EA has made an interesting statement recently regarding DICE's upcoming entry into the Battlefield series, Battlefield 1. What he had to say during this surprising revelation made me wonder if Activision is falling under the same mindset, and it's a poisonous one that'll prevent them from progressing.

    At the recent Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2016 Global Technology Conference, Patrick Sonderlund, the CEO of EA discussed Battlefield 1, and the surprising decision that was made to take the setting of the game back to a war long gone, not one that hasn't happened yet. During the conference, Sonderlund revealed that the concept of a World War 1 based Battlefield was almost denied. Why you ask? Simply because they were rattled by the fear that it wouldn't click with their younger audience. They thought that the gamers on the young side would dismiss the game for the simple fact that they knew nothing about World War 1. What changed their minds was the fact that World War 1 proved to be a massive technological turning point when it came to warfare. "People started the war on horseback and ended the war with airplanes and tanks and battleships and submarines." Sonderlund stated. This wiped away a secondary fear they had, that the game would be bland, and wouldn't offer up as many opportunities as a game based on modern or futuristic warfare could. After the reveals of Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1, the massive like gap between the trailers and statements from gamers themselves proved EA's risk taking to be the right choice.

    Do you think Activision could learn a thing or two from EA? If what happened after the Battlefield 1 reveal doesn't make them wake up who knows what will. It's a damn shame when your fans plead with you to create something for them, and another studio has to get the job done for you. Wake up Activision. Your fans have spoken as a collective and your dislike count rises day after day.

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  1. Ub3rBisonCamp3r
  2. Ub3rBisonCamp3r
    You are what is holding them back!
  3. sameeernoori
    I hate the (Future) sooooooooooo much!!! why is this Happening again ???
  4. Revonix v
    I'd say almost 45% of people on CoD does't know what the Treaty of Versaille is yet. And 25% doesn't know about what ended WWII.
    1. WWE
      Treaty of Versaille happened at end of WWI and mainly France and Britian wanted to destroy Germany's economy and make them pay for the war. WWII ended with a couple of situations. 1. Adolf Hitler killed himself (after he saw Nazi Germany crumble). 2. The camps were evicted. 3. Nuclear bombs dropped in Hiroshima. 4. The Japanese surrendered on one of the USS ships. (No I did not use google, I learned about all of this myself.)
      Revonix v likes this.
    2. Revonix v
      I say that because of most of the younger ones on CoD. And I am pretty sure you know what happened because you most likely passed 6th grade. Lmao
      ASAP SAVAGE likes this.
    3. WWE
      Going to be a Junior. #takemeoutofUShistory
  5. PyneKone
    I seem to be in the vast minority on this one, as I'm not overly fussed by BF1 and I've preordered Infinite Warfare for the primary reason of playing Infinite Warfare *gasp*. For me MW1 Remastered is a nice addition, but it would've been much nicer if it included all the MP maps as well as the DLC ones.
    For me it comes down to a simple fact, over many years now I've preferred the gameplay in COD over the gameplay in Battlefield. I couldn't care less what time period they're set in, if COD still plays like COD and Battlefield still plays like Battlefield, then I'm likely going to prefer COD.
      ghostx555 likes this.
  6. Videogamedingus
    Because people still buy it. I don't think they care.
  7. B-rad
    Well truth be told you are right. Most users do not like where call of duty is going. However personally advanced warfare was my favorite game yet and it has me really excited to see if Infinite Warfare is any better.

    I enjoyed the thrusters. Really gave more of an action taste to the game. Anyways they probably have the Hololens mindset when releasing these games. More then likely they are already thinking ahead since it's going to release before too long.
  8. Mook
    By the time the fans were crying about how much they dislike futuristic Call of Duty's, about halfway through Advanced Warfare's life span, Black Ops 3 was almost completely developed, and Infinite Warfare was (most likely) so far into production, scrapping it at the point would have cost a lot of money, and produced a worse off game due to production time. I'm sure next year, Sludgehammer Games will have taken all of these complaints into account. And it wouldn't be fair to say they don't listen to their fans until we see what SH Games is releasing next year.
    1. Keeley Hazell
      Then there's people like me who never wanted a futuristic setting lol. Don't know why people just assume everyone wanted these terrible things. I'll be psyched for CoD once Treyarch is making it again in 2018. f*** Sledgehammer
    2. BattleBuddy
  9. kobraEnterprise
    They don't hear the community. Once you hear the community you know that they don't want some futuristic ****, but they want the golden times of COD back.
    My opinion is that they will remaster all COD games if COD4 and IW sales are high.
    1. GH0ST_OP
      Pre order Call of Duty Ghosts 2 Deluxe Edition to receive Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Remastered
      kobraEnterprise likes this.
  10. GH0ST_OP
    Im guessing they had this game already in development and Activi$ion is choosing to publish what was already being worked on instead of scrapping the idea and going a different route. To compensate they throw in a classic remastered game (which I preordered for that sole purpose). Even if sales are poor, I doubt it will even hurt Activi$ion.
      Mook likes this.