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What Does the Future Hold for Cable TV?


Cable TV has been around for ages. It's kept us entertained with hours and hours of many popular TV shows such as The Cosby Show, NCIS, and even our childhood friend, SpongeBob Squarepants. But, it seems as though many people are trading in their satellite dish and cable box for Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime subscriptions. DirectTV and Dish Network have both cancelled all future Pay Per Views with the WWE, due to the now-growing WWE Network. These cable providers, whether global or local, are starting to lose money due to instant-streaming services. It's hard to tell how much, but it's enough to make them rethink the future.

It's honestly hard to tell if cable will ever go away completely, but more people are making the decision to take down the satellite and bring in a Roku box. Roku boxes are relatively cheap, portable, and it comes pre-loaded with 31,000+ movies and 1,000+ different entertainment channels, and it it also considered #1 in forms of streaming entertainment. With this in mind, major cable companies have to keep their customers on their side by giving them bang for their buck with their lowest deals and "once in a lifetime" offers. It's a constant back and forth war between which company can give out the best product the cheapest, as well as the fastest

Even with all the constant back and forth products between companies, it's still clear that Roku offers the best services, and at a cheaper price. This has cable providers scrambling down ideas on what they can do to keep old customers happy, as well as impress the newer ones coming in. It really comes down to price per month and the amount of money being saved, as well as the personal likings of the person. Some people would rather continue paying X amount for their cable, home phone, and internet, while others would like to save some money and just dropping the cable while keeping the phone and internet.

It also goes without mentioning that every cable company has set standards that they want to reach within a year, whether that be making X amount of money or getting X amount of people to switch to their service. With competitors like Google and Roku, it's hard to meet those standards. Google released Chrome Cast in July of last year, and it was the simplest form of streaming entertainment to date, making the top ten of the "Best Technology of 2013". Since then, Roku has released the Streaming Stick, which plugs into any TV that has an HDMI port. This stick carries the same features as a regular Roku box, and is also easier to transport. These two items alone create a major challenge on cable providers, and it has sent them scrambling back to their pen and pad jotting down ideas.

My family is in the process of making the switch, and I'm really happy they are. We dropped Cable TV for many reasons, with one being that it just didn't make sense having it, since all we do is watch re-runs of TV shows. I want your opinions on this, though. What does the future really hold for cable TV? Is getting rid of cable TV a smart or a bad move, and why? Will cable TV cease to exist in the future?

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