We're now partnered with Controller Modz!

We’re very excited to announce our newest partner, Controller Modz. Controller Modz is a custom controller company offering options for both...
  1. Anubis 7s

    We’re very excited to announce our newest partner, Controller Modz. Controller Modz is a custom controller company offering options for both casual and competitive gamers! You can build your own OR pick from epic pre-designed options. Who knows, there might be a Se7enSins controller coming soon...


    One of their available add-ons is the Razorback Maxfire mod which is compatible with games like Black Ops 4, Fortnite, Battlefield V, GTA V, and Gears of War 4. The Razorback Maxfire mod includes the following features:

    • Adjustable Rapid Fire

    • Drop Shot

    • Burst

    • Jump Shot

    • Quickscope

    • Auto Aim

    • Akimbo

    • Auto Sniper Breath

    • Auto Run

    • Auto Spot

    • Fast Reload

    • Subs Models

    • Programmable Models


    If you’re more of a competitive player, definitely take a look at their LED Domin8or buttons. You can map them to any button you'd like and choose from red, blue, or green LEDS!

    Although they’re based out of the United Kingdom, they do offer affordable worldwide shipping options. Be sure to head over to controllermodz.co.uk and if you decide to pull the trigger on a controller, use code “SE7ENSINS” for 10% OFF!

    If you have any questions about Controller Modz, just let us know and we’ll try to answer your questions.

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  1. AzzidReign
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    1. BreakdowN
      Should do a second version with the 7S symbol being enlarged and rotated on one of the sides.
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    2. Anubis 7s
      BreakdowN We can definitely play around with more designs in the future!
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    3. AzzidReign
      BreakdowN I like that idea. Have the logo on the grip areas!! At least I think that's what you were saying :tongue:
  2. Unbound 7s
    Do the controllers have to be modded etc. or can order one with just the custom skin? Looking for custom made controllers but without the mods as I don't need them.
    1. AzzidReign
      I believe that it can just be the skin.
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  3. Dillon Francis
    Any idea when s7 will have they're owner controller?
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    2. AzzidReign
      Our designs are on their site now if you want to check them out! I have links above.
    3. Dillon Francis
      You guys should add to where we can add the designs to a custom controller and our 7s name
    4. AzzidReign
      This is a partner, not sure if they would want to add something like that.
  4. XcierFreedom
    DOMIN8 kek

    I like titan 1/2 a lot more than actual controller mods. I just feel like there is so much more when it comes to options with a tool like the titan/chronus
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    1. Fool
      Same, I used a Titan for a long time for specific games in the CoD series.
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  5. Beardyman
    I definitely need me one of those sweet, sweet Se7enSins controllers! Will be ordering as soon as they become available!

    Also, it's really good to see this site expanding its partnering range. Big steps like this, continuously keep Se7enSins at the top spot for being the best site going.

    I am genuinely pleased for how far we've come as a community.
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    1. Slim Shady
      I couldn't agree more this is great.
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    2. AzzidReign
      It's great that we finally got a modded controller company for a partner. Been looking for one for some time now and all of them would email me once and then stop emailing me back after that. Would send a follow up when I remembered months later asking if they were still wanting to partner up and they would always say "yes" and then didn't hear back from them.

      We are really looking for more partnerships that will benefit the community. ControllerModz and our other new partner, Viotek, are going to be great additions for our members. I just got my Viotek 27" curved 1440p monitor in the other day and needless to say...I'm in love! Can't wait to for this controller to get in, play around with it, and show off some pictures of it!
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  6. BreakdowN
    Oh, I am for sure going to have to get one. Some of the pre-designed ones are already looking pretty gnarly.
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  7. AzzidReign
    I have a custom Se7enSins controller coming my way and looking forward to it!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on it because the design looks amazing. I'm sure many of you guys know we've been looking for a high quality controller company to work with for the last 10+ years and we've finally found one. Really looking forward to working with these guys so all of you can get your hands on some great modded controllers!

    I'll be posting an update with pictures once I get mine in my hands :biggrin: I can't wait!
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    2. Anubis 7s
      Dab The Se7enSins controllers haven't been uploaded to the site yet, but they'll be live very soon! I'll keep everyone updated on when they are available.
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    3. Dab
      Haha....was hoping for a sneak peek. I'll keep my eye out for the update.
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    4. AzzidReign
      We did get a preview of it but when mine arrives in the mail, I'll take some pictures for everyone :biggrin:
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