Watch Dogs 2's seamless multiplayer was removed from the game right before it launched, and now Ubisoft is aiming to get the feature back into the game "as soon as this weekend."

Ubisoft posted on its forums today, saying that it's "been prioritizing finding a solution to the online connection frame rate issue," in order to reactivate seamless multiplayer. It's "currently conducting extensive internal testing" to make sure that "no regression" is caused to the single-player experience when it reactivates the feature.

"If the solution works as intended, we would begin deploying the fix in a patch and turn on seamless multiplayer as soon as this weekend," Ubisoft said. "This is the scenario that we are all hoping for. But if during these tests we see that the game's stability with seamless multiplayer still needs work, seamless online will remain deactivated and we will continue to investigate and test solutions."

Players currently have access to the open world, campaign, side missions, co-op missions, and multiplayer free roam. The current multiplayer options must be played with friends.

GameSpot's Watch Dogs 2 review-in-progress says, "You can have a lot of fun playing Watch Dogs 2 offline," but without the seamless multiplayer, "it ultimately feels incomplete."

"When we got a taste of seamless PVP during testing, we experienced a few instances with serious frame rate problems, but when everything worked, being invaded by other hackers and joining the police to chase down rivals made you feel like a part of a dynamic world," our review-in-progress reads. "Knowing that we could unexpectedly find ourselves interrupted by a threat, especially one with a human in control, made an average moment in Watch Dogs 2's open world a little more special."

While Ubisoft is at work to bring back seamless multiplayer, it recently issued a statement that said it was working to remove explicit genitalia that was found in the open-world game.

Source: GameSpot