Rumor Warner Bros. May Be Working on a New Superman Game

A leaked screenshot shows that Warner Bros. may be working on a new superman video game. The game is being developed by WB Games Montreal, and...
  1. Monopolyman

    Warner Bros. is well known for publishing the successful Batman: Arkham game series. Due to a new leak, it looks like Warner Bros. Montreal, the same team that developed Origins, may be working on a new open-world superhero game. This new game, however, appears to focus on Superman instead of Batman.

    Last week, WB games Montreal made a listing of new job openings. Among these listings, they explained that they are working on “an open world action game”. Since this listing was describing jobs for a completely new IP, it is safe to assume it is not for another Batman game.

    Today, a photo and video of the new project was leaked. The screenshot clearly shows that Superman will be a character in the game. It also looks like there will be multiple different skins to choose from. Since the description of the skin lists abilities, each skin likely comes equipped with different powers.

    Source: OnlySP

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  1. amazon350
    Isn't that borderlands
  2. mmast1
    its all about BATMAN
  3. 3xTiNcT
    I might be interested if they do.
  4. VeritasEvil
    Superman plays on so many fields. Several different dimensions within a player screen. It is no longer just up, down, left, right.
  5. Skype
    At least if this game comes out, I will like it.
  6. Wavy
    I'd enjoy a Superman game again, but I watched this... Who knows.

      VeritasEvil likes this.
  7. BetterGreen
    Justice League, this looks like you can choose Kal El as a character. Maybe you could also be Flash, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man ect... It's time to start pushing the limits of these new or current consoles and one character games are not that interesting IMO.
  8. Froudey
    They havn't made a true Superman game in awhile, if they could make it great, but I would prefer a sensible Flash or Green Arrow game set in the same kind of enviroment as the Arkham games,
      Wavy likes this.
    1. Wavy
      I agree. But Superman would be quite satisfying if done right.
    2. Weeb
      Green arrow done like the batman games with stealth ect would be awesome, superman is just too op to work in a game, I mean if I was in control of him there wouldn't be a crappy moral compas to play on so I'd just skip saving the 2 people the villain is holding to stop superman from foiling his ultimate plan and just fly through his torso ripping out his intestines in the process, job done.
    3. Froudey
      haha +1 the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few... lol two people to save a room full of innocents or a city, sorry they gonna die.
  9. Piss Mustard
    I actually loved Superman Returns the game back from 2006, I cant wait for this to come out!
  10. Deadpool
    Rather have Green Arrow than Superman in my opinion.
      Wavy likes this.