Warner Bros. Issue Apology For Arkham Knight and Delay PC DLC

By Alex · Jul 11, 2015 · Updated Jul 11, 2015
  1. Alex

    Warner Bros. posted a public apology yesterday on their community forum regarding the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. Since Arkham Knight launched back in June they have been under fire, fans have demanded an answer to why the game shipped as it did.

    From game freezing bugs to audio glitches and frame drops, the game was said to be a poor port in comparison to the console versions. After the community reported these problems Warner Bros. began to pull the game from sale, digitally and physically, once it was pulled the company offered to issue refunds to those who were affected.

    In the apology Warner Bros. admitted that the game didn't meet their own quality standards, but then that begs the question; why release it at all?

    "We have heard the PC gaming community outcry of disappointment for the initial launch of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC. Again, we would like to apologize to you, the fans, and let you know that we are taking full responsibility for releasing a product that did not meet our quality standards, which is why we suspended sales of the game as soon as we understood the issues."

    Further into the statement, Warner Bros. also address that PC performance is currently their priority, and that once the main issues are fixed the patch will go into testing.

    "Addressing the PC performance issues is still our top priority and at this time, we believe we have identified a number of fixes for the larger issues that were affecting PC players at launch. These fixes are currently being implemented into the game and once we have been able to do some initial testing, we'll have a better idea on the status of our progress. We’ll provide an update on how things are developing next week."

    The publisher has also assured gamers that all new games released from now on will be tested a new set of guidelines, a new system has been put in place to avoid games being shipped broken, much like Arkham Knight was.

    On top of all this, they have announced that the Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC will not be launching on July 14th for those who are still playing Arkham Knight on PC. They are going to wait until the base game is patched before releasing any content.

    You can read the full apology over at the Warner Bros. Community Forum.

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  1. Master
    This is unacceptable from a huge company. They need to really compensate for such arrogance! Refunds will not suffice, either.
    1. Alex
      It would have been different if the game got delayed, people would have just took it on the chin and say "they are making the game better so the wait is ok", but because it somehow passed QA and made it to retail people seem to have gone bat **** crazy.
    2. Master
      Good point. I wouldn't mind on a delay. I just can't believe they would publish a huge title game with so many issues. It is so unprofessional.
  2. 31IT3INV4SI0N
    They better make this up to us some how.. With like free DLC or something... I mean this is still ridiculous either way and should not be tolerated?
  3. Arxhive
    I too enjoy publishing unfinished things and saying sorry.
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    So this was just PC? And WB's is more of a movie company ehh?
    1. Weeb
      Yeh I heard it was something to do with it not being the same Devs that make the console games, they just gave another company a short amount of time to port it to PC.
    2. Alex
      That's like saying Microsoft is more of a PC software company, WB publish movies, music, and games.

      Also yes it is PC that was affected. The console versions are pretty good, the PC version was ported by a smaller studio. The task was outsourced to (I think) 12 people and they did the best they could with what they had. The PC version should have never passed QA, that's the main issue here, Warner need to up their game when internally testing their games.
  5. Weeb
    Still doesn't answer the question why, they really need to step up and start making some working games.
    1. BACEGOD
  6. Red58
    Lol this immediately came to mind
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  7. Phantom Menace
    There shouldn't be an apology. they shouldn't have ****ed up in the first place, especially since they KNEW about most of the issues before release.
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    1. Alex
      I completely agree, I heard that the game requirements were changed just before launch to include a disclaimer stating that the game will have issues with AMD hardware.

      They messed up big time.
    2. Phantom Menace
      True, this is one of the reasons why I stopped playing after Arkham City Far too many issues in the new batman games.