Major Nelson revealed in June that more than 45 new apps was on their way to the Xbox One in the near future, and today it is time for ReddX, Xbox One's new dedicated Reddit app to be made available in the US and in Canada.

Reddit is an immensely popular social network, and Microsoft wants to be a part of this too. So just like they provided apps for Twitter and Facebook, they are now launching ReddX, in order to add Reddit to your list of available places to hang out on the big screen. It is built specifically for Xbox One, and will allow you to have ReddX snapped to the side of your screen, showing topics on the right side, YouTube videos, images and gifs on the left side. It will let you keep gaming while constantly watching the app, upvoting or downvoting by pushing a button or yelling at your Kinect. You can use ReddX on a tablet or phone too, via Smartglass, if you want to hop in a thread while doing something else. ReddX will have its own customized page, but you can access any subreddits you want. In these, the app makes it possible to zoom in and look at images, and also fast forward and skip through videos and gifs. If you find an extra awesome image, you can save it to your profile or set it as your own ReddX backround. If you choose to use this app, you can unlock unique media achievements, named after famous memes. You can take a look at them here.

An app for MTV will be available later this week, as well as an update to Twitch TV. The MTV app will feature sneak peaks, bonus clips and, if you subscribe, full episodes from some of MTV's own shows. There will also be a section for the latest news, fashion and entertainment. The Twitch update includes features like auto zoom, audio capture from headsets, and the ability to see what up to 6 of your friends are watching. You can make Kinect follow your face while you are broadcasting too, but thankfully this is an optional feature.


Will you be using the new apps? And what do you think about the new features for Twitch?