Tired of shooting guns, running around doing the same missions, losing to the same boss or just straight up ditching a game? Well, then you should really take a look at Wander, the new non-combat MMO coming to PC and PS4. What's so interesting about this game, is that you play as a tree! Yes, you read that correctly. You're main goal is to explore this world and share what you find with other players. Davidson, the creator of this game, said: "I think it's frustrating that in a medium where we can easily explore what it's like to be different things, we don't". Which is one hundred percent true; why don't games do this more? Let's take a gander at what's going to be an interesting game to play.

Davidson, the creator of this game is a gamer just like anyone else. Except that he has the drive and ambition to create what he wants to play, and what he feels other would also want to play. He wanted to create an in-game world where players would be encouraged, and enthusiastic about finding and working together. When games are made, they're usually trying to send out a message or an experience to the people playing it; something they want you to take away from the game. Davidson, of course, also had messages/experiences that he wanted to send to the players who will play Wander. The main thing he envisions for the players of Wander is for them to explore an open world, and see everything that they can find. On top of that, he aims for people to connect with each other, communicate with them and share what you’ve found. Sounds like a pretty good time, right? Sharing things with those who haven’t yet seen it.


In many modern day, or even dated MMO games, you’d be correct in saying that your playable character(s) is a bit predictable. What I mean by that, is that you can probably come up with an accurate image in your head of what your player will look like based on what type of game you’re playing. Davidson thinks that this is a severe limitation that games are facing. You can of course, now put together that in Wander, you will be playing as something you’re not expecting to play as. Well, you’d be correct to think so. In Wander, you will be playing as a tree! Didn’t see that coming, did you?

According to Davidson, when players first start playing the game, they will be playing as an “Oren”. Which in the world of Wander, is a sentient tree. As players play through this…rather different MMO, they will acquire new abilities, find out more information regarding what they are, and how the society they live in works. Now you might be wondering, what kind of weapons do we get, how does the fighting system work?! Well, you may or may not be disappointed in this aspect of the game. Davidson’s plan with Wander is to create a ‘peaceful’ online experience where gamers can go do something different. As the title states, this is a non-combat MMO. Alongside with the removal of combat (shooting specifically), there will be little to no “mission structure”. Which basically means that there won’t be markers on the screen telling you where to go and what to do. Hooray for those who’ve always said that they’re tired of being told what to do in-game!

If you’re even still wondering about Wander, then you’re most likely the type of person that Davidson is hoping this game will appeal to. The type of gamer that can put down the gun, and play a semi-pointless game just because there is something more to do, to go check out a relaxing are while listening to the background opera music. You can just go explore the maps, find things you like, share them with your friends, and much more! I’m sure everyone has played a game in the past where they thought: “Man, I wish I could walk around this area without worrying about enemies killing me all the time :frown:“. Wander is all about that ideal, and Davidson is closer than ever to completing his idea. The game is available for $25.00 in its current Alpha stage for anyone who wants to play, and meets the requirements for running the game. You can grab a copy of the game on their official website: www.wanderthegame.com. The Alpha version is only for the PC.

Anyone else thinking about relaxing while roaming around as a tree, or some other sentient life form that we wouldn’t normally be playing as? It’s sort of a MMO that takes some of the animal simulating games to another level.