Publishing and development team released arcade compendium

HTC today announced Vive Studios, a first-party development studio and publishing operation for its Vive virtual reality system.

Heralding its new operation, the company released a new game from internal studio 2 Bears. Arcade Saga is a three-piece compendium of basic games, rendered in first-person 3D. They are a bust-the-blocks Breakout-style game, a Pong-alike tennis game and a bow-and-arrow shooting gallery.

Vive's director of VR production David Sapienze told Polygon that the studio will release around a dozen releases in the next year covering games as well as non-gaming genres. He added that the publishing effort is in line with the activities of first-party operators in the console market, and is designed to support internal development as well as a “volcano of talent" at external studios.

"We've got a hundred-year plan for VR so, eight months in, we feel we're doing pretty well on the timeline right now," he said. Arcade Saga costs $29.99 on Steam's VR store. Vive Studios' non-games releases will be available on the company's own retail portal.

Earlier this year, Oculus announced its own first party plans, with the hire of game industry veteran Jason Rubin.

Source: Polygon