Viotek joins the Se7enSins family!

We’re very excited to announce the newest member to the Se7enSins family, Viotek! Viotek creates a wide range of high performance and affordable...
  1. Anubis 7s

    They have plenty of models to choose from like the GN24CB 24” monitor ($179.99) or the SUW49C 49” Super Ultrawide monitor ($799.99). Whether you play on PC or console, they have the perfect monitor for you!

    If you’re ready to upgrade your gaming setup, be sure to check out all of their monitors here: By using that link, you’ll be supporting Se7enSins too!

    If you have any questions about Viotek or our partnership, just let us know and we’ll try to answer your questions.

    To celebrate our new partnership with Viotek, we’ll be giving away TWO GN27C2 curved gaming monitors. Click the banner below to enter!


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  1. Slim Shady
    Se7enSins be looking good this year.
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  2. Slim Shady
    Anubis 7s just to clarify this giveaway is only USA based correct?
    1. o Swerve o
      The link to the items is on Amazon and it says there that they ship out of the USA. Hopefully it isn't, otherwise I'm out of luck.
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    2. Anubis 7s
      Just confirmed with the Viotek team, it is US only
    3. o Swerve o
      Damn, damn, damn.
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