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  1. Sobriquet

    Interesting news today from ShinyLoot as they unveil their new video tool - “VidXplore”. “VidXplore” is a new tool to help gamers find new games based on their own recommendations and preferences. The user is shown some gameplay and is prompted with some options regarding the gameplay they just watched, essentially whether or not they like the game based on what they have just seen. This is a great way to let users find games based on their current preferences, or to find brand new types of games to play and thus build their preferences even more, resulting in far more games for the user to find and enjoy!

    ShinyLoot uses over 200 traits to establish the bases for what makes a game good and unique, or similar to other titles, thus allowing you to find similar games. All you have to do is “like” or “dislike” the gameplay in front of you to move on to the next game in the library of over 500 titles in ShinyLoots VidXplore. Presumably this library will grow over time.

    As of right now there is a special offer on the site;
    What do you think of this service for gamers? Personally I think that this is a great new way for everyone to find games and I for one will definitely be using it. Hopefully the library can grow and users can find many enjoyable games for themselves! - Simply click play on the video on the homepage.

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