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Upload Studio Update Includes Several Significant Features


Microsoft's most successful Xbox One application, Upload Studio, received a very important and useful update earlier this morning. Upload Studio gives Xbox One owners the capability to create videos and montages with their best game clips and share them straight to OneDrive. The new update gives Xbox One owners the ability to construct videos that are up to 30 minutes long and can include 15 game clips. The update also offers users the power to add voice-over to single clips, or even add a commentary over their entire video. Furthermore, content managers can now add custom text, transitions, introductions, green screen effects, title cards, and splash screens to clips captured with the Xbox One's digital video manager. Upload Studio has taken creating movies with game clips to a new level.

Upload Studio has made capturing and creating walkthroughs and montages almost completely effortless. The new features has evened out the difference that used to be between Upload Studio and PlayStation's video editing software, the SHAREfactory, offering PlayStation 4 owners basic editing abilities such as adding music and basic effects. A significant advantage for Upload Studios is the competence to recognize the human body and remove it from the surrounding area. This all ties down with the new green screening effects that were included in the update. That is something you can not do in SHAREfactory. If you want to take a look at some of the new options yourself, Major Nelson made this video highlighting some of the most important features:

Coming from the perspective of a content creator, Upload Studio has been one of the most useful free Xbox One apps that I have used yet. It is easy to learn and easy to operate and includes everything a video editor truly needs. It saves you hours of time trying to learn how to use professional editing programs such as Sony Vegas.

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