Get ready Guardians, as details regarding Destiny's next DLC installment have finally been revealed. Thanks to documents that were leaked around the same time as Destiny's launch, we were already aware that the game would feature 2 DLC's that were included in the Season Pass and one "major content release" that would follow at an unknown release date. According to a leak covered by Kotaku, we now know the release date of the next DLC, "The Taken King". It will be released on September 15th, 2015 and cost $40. As detailed in the aforementioned documents, this content release would come in the Fall of 2015.

The Taken King has been confirmed to be the name of the next DLC thanks to various merchandising sources. Earlier in May, Bungie applied for a new trademark, "The Taken King" and to top it all off, Red Bull accidentally leaked a poster which also included the new name. The Twitter post about the Red Bull leak can be seen below.

The next DLC will bring forth a brand new raid mode featuring Oryx, father of Crota. For those who don't remember Crota, he's the big green guy who kneeled down for all us wonderful Guardians during the raid from The Dark Below. Of course, with a new raid mode, we can speculate that new armor, weapons, materials and game mechanics will be added alongside the game to make the game more interesting. As for everyone who has been wondering about that 3rd subclass slot, wonder no more! The Taken King will finally bring to us the long awaited third subclass. An electrical Arc storm for the Warlocks, a Solar hammer for the Titans and lastly, a Void gravity bow for the Hunters.

Of course, with a new expansion, we can expect to see new PvP modes, and new PvE enemies. Specifically, a new enemy called the Taken will be brought forward by the new Raid mode. I'm pretty excited to see what the new expansion pack will bring to Destiny. Bungie has shown, with their House of Wolves expansion pack, that they're definitely listening to our complaints; fixing many of the trivial issues players have been dealing with. Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below! A shout out to Kankuro for bringing this topic to Light (Light..get it?...haha..ha..).

Don't forget to check out the official announcement for The Taken King at E3 2015 next week!

E3 Update: The official trailers has been released, and we can see the the information provided in the leak was valid. Check out the video below!

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