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[UPDATED] The First Black Ops 3 DLC Map Pack Has Been Announced

Exciting news for Black Ops 3 players has come out of the first day of the PlayStation Experience event. The game will be receiving its very first...
  1. RaoulDuke

    Exciting news for Black Ops 3 players has come out of the first day of the PlayStation Experience event. It is now exactly a month since the game has initially launched, and it has since been enjoyed by a wide array of gamers, even some who had never planned to play a Call of Duty game again after being left unsatisfied with Call of Duty: Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. Feeding into the fire that Black Ops 3 has become, Treyarch has unveiled the game’s very first DLC map pack earlier today as one of the initial announcements at the PlayStation Experience event.

    Hardly any details were released with this news regarding what the maps will entail other than a graphic depicting the five new additions that will be implemented into the game. First off there are four new multiplayer maps included which are Skyjacked, Rise, Splash, and Gauntlet. Awakening will also contain Der Eisendrachen, which is the next chapter in the Black Ops 3 Zombies mode, allowing for many more hours to be played mowing down the undead. Due to Sony’s partnership with Activision in terms of Black Ops 3, PlayStation 4 owners will get to play the Awakening DLC thirty days before any other platform even has access to it.

    Sony also announced a separate partnership with Activision for the Call of Duty World League which began on Friday and will run throughout the weekend, giving players that are participating in the competition a chance at winning a three million dollar prize pool. An exact date is not set in stone for the Awakening DLC to release, but it is expected sometime in early 2016.

    UPDATE - After revealing this DLC back at the PlayStation Experience event just a few weeks ago, Activision has now officially revealed when it will be getting it's early release onto PlayStation 4. They did not announce when it will launch onto other platforms, but have made it known that Black Ops 3's first DLC pack will be arriving onto PS4 on February 2nd, 2016. Along with this announcement, Treyarch has published a preview trailer for The Awakening DLC that can be seen below!


    Activision Blog | Source

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  1. zlReborn
    Can't wait
  2. Spawn of Chaos
    looking forward to smashing the Easter Eggs on Der Eisendrache. Plus Skyjacked wow multiplayer has landed.
  3. Granddog
    They should sell zombies alone. That's the whole reason I bought bo3.
    1. Chaz32621
      Ehhhh then they gonna sell that for 50 on its own. Atleast the game is fairly complete even before the dlc.
  4. Chaz32621
    Zombies is okay. Don't really care to much for this game. Hopefully the new maps will get me into playing multiplayer again. If they wanted to do something worth anything make a decent ranking system. So I don't have to sit there and get my *** beat by some prestige level 15 *** who never leaves his room.
  5. harvey trott
    this is very cool
  6. PureTiming
    Splash looks fun, too bad I got xbox 360 haha000000
      Liquidsun likes this.
  7. SupaHoopp22
    Sooooo ready to play this DLC pack
  8. Philman
    Can't wait to play this map!! It looks so awesome.
      Salus likes this.
    Even though I have to wait until March, Skyjacked looks so fun to play on! Now I'm waiting for Raid, Standoff, and Upheaval from WaW, as a matter off fact, they should just release a throwback map pack from WaW ,BO1 and BO2,
    1. AzzidReign
      That would get me playing this pos game again.
  10. 3xTiNcT
    It's looking promising so far. The new hijacked looks good.
      Salus likes this.