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[UPDATED] New Update to The Division Fixes Backpack Bug, Brings Forth the First Incursion


Due to the fix of a recent game breaking bug requiring a client patch, Ubisoft has not been able to correct a major error in-game that happened when crafting a high-end backpack. Therefore, Ubisoft decided to leave the bug in-game until the next official patch, which is now confirmed to be dropping on April 12th. With a fix now set in motion, Ubisoft has announced that they will also be releasing The Division’s first Incursion update along with the important patch. The new update, titled ‘Falcon Lost,’ will set in motion the Season Pass content that Ubisoft has prepared for The Division across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. This first update includes an Incursion, which is a raid-style mission that will require level thirty-one gear or above, along with the ability to test your tactical skills by upping the overall difficulty to a much higher setting.

Also being introduced with this update is a plethora of new content and changes such as Dark Zone supply drop adjustments, as well as finally presenting loot trading to the community. All of the new features launching in this Incursion update can be seen in the spoiler below.

Looking forward, The Division will see another free Incursion-themed update in May which will bring forth additional Dark Zone features, along with a new Incursion in Manhattan’s Colombus Circle. Are you looking forward to the new updates and changes/fixes making their way to The Division? Have you encountered the backpack or loading bug that has been affecting players? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE - Following the confirmation of the first Incursion mission making its way into The Division, Ubisoft has now also revealed that new weekly missions dubbed 'Operation ISAC missions' will be available in-game as well. These assignments will become accessible, and will be brand new, every Tuesday at 9:00 A.M. PST. Along with offering additional content to play through, these missions will also provide new gear and rewards to fight for.

Besides the Operation ISAC announcement, Ubisoft has posted the patch notes for the update 1.1 which can be seen in the link at the bottom of this article. The patch includes new high-end weapons, a new group spectator cam, and of course, the much-anticipated option of loot trading!

Incursion: Falcon Lost
  • Falcon Lost is the first Incursion, The Division’s raid-style missions for multiple players.
  • You’re going to need to be more organised to complete this compared to a regular Challenge mode. Supposedly, this is where you’ll really need to get tactical with other players.
  • Matchmaking is available, although Massive is recommending you play Falcon Lost with people you know well and who are able to communicate and apply strategies.
  • There are no checkpoints in Falcon Lost so if your team wipes it’s back to the start.
  • New enemy types in Falcon Lost include flying drones and a bullet-proof Armoured Personnel Carrier.
  • Incursions (as all future raids will be known in The Division) come in Hard and Challenge modes. Gear and weapons will now have a Gear Score which replaces the Gear Level. It’s recommended that all players have a Gear Level/Gear Score of 30 to play Falcon Lost on Hard mode.
  • Challenge mode is different. It has a required Gear Score of 31, meaning if you haven’t got the right equipment you won’t be able to attempt it.
  • Completing Falcon Lost rewards the player with new and unique gear and weapons. You’ll be awarded something every time you complete Falcon Lost.
  • As well as regular rewards, there’s a weekly reward handed out every seven days. This will be the best reward for playing the Incursion.
New Items, Weapons & Gear Sets
  • As well as individual gear items and weapons, Falcon Lost also introduces Gear Sets. Not all of the items in a Gear Set will be awarded by completing the Incursion. Some will come via blueprints, Challenge mode and other unlocks.
  • There are four Gear Sets on offer, with each tailored to a specific style of play. Equip four items from the Gear Set and you’ll unlock a unique talent or perk exclusive to that set.
  • The four new Gear Sets are: Sentry’s Call (marksman), Tactician’s Authority (support), Striker’s Battle Gear (tank/assault) and Path of the Nomad (Dark Zone players).
  • The Path of the Nomad Gear Set will mainly be found in the Dark Zone.
  • Gear Sets have unique talents or bonuses, but they don’t have the the armour talents and bonuses you’re used to seeing on individual pieces of gear. This is so they don’t make those individual pieces irrelevant. Rather, they’re designed for more traditional class play, such as the marksman or support class.
  • Gear Score will now be displayed once players hit level 30 and will be based on the gear they have in their inventory, not equipped.
Loot Trading & Assignments
  • Loot trading now allows you to drop an item for a friend to pick up should you already have that specific item
  • Loot trading has a time frame of two hours from initial pick-up, and you can only trade with players in your team.
  • Items can be dropped anywhere on the regular map, but inside a Dark Zone they can only be dropped in a Safe House/trading point.
  • Assignments are small jobs that can be done for lesser rewards such as Division Tech or Phoenix Credits. There are daily and weekly assignments, so some can be done within an hour while others must be completed over multiple days.
Dark Zone Supply Drops
  • Supply drops will drop in the Dark Zone once every hour.
  • Each supply drop will have valuable gear, weapons, keys and other goodies, and it’s a race for the first group to get there and claim the items.
  • Supply drops will be heavily guarded by AI, and they’re open to everyone on the map to fight for.
  • Once a group claims the rewards it’s theirs for good. The items do not need to be extracted and cannot be stolen once claimed.
  • Finally, there will be a player cam for downed agents. This means players can pan the environment and give advice to team-mates even when they’ve bled out.

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Update 1.1 Patch Notes
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