[UPDATED] A New Fable Card Game Is In The Works

With the closing of Lionhead Studios back in April and the cancellation of Fable Legends, many fans were wondering if they'd ever see the Fable...
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    Fable is a widely known game series among those who have been on Xbox since the very beginning, with its first game by Lionhead Studios back in 2004, titled Fable. Fable grew famous for allowing the player to make choices that would affect your character and the game itself, something that wasn't really previously head of. With the closing of Lionhead Studios back in April and the cancellation of Fable Legends, many fans were wondering if they'd ever see the Fable series again. As it turns out, the answer is yes, and sooner than you think. Sometime this week a Kickstarter is supposed to go up to raise money for a new digital card game, titled Fable Fortune.

    The game started out as an idea for one of the many minigames that can be played throughout Fable II, as well as Fable II Pub Games; a spin-off arcade game where you are able to play Fable II's minigames without actually owning the game. Although planned for Fable II, development for the game supposedly didn't begin until 2014. Microsoft Studios still technically owns the licenses to the Fable series, but they plan to allow a small indie studio known as Flaming Fowl Studios, which consists of a group of Ex-Lionhead developers, to make the game.

    The game is said to be reminiscent of Hearthstone, but this game isn't just another clone. It plans to offer a cooperative mode, in which two players can team up to take down a powerful AI, as well as a system for leveling up your cards to increase their power. Similar to Fable's morality system, the game will also feature quests that allow the player to make good or bad choices, which will affect the player's cards and their hero. The cards and heroes will be based off of characters and monsters from the Fable series, as well as some concepts that never came to fruition.

    Microsoft is simply allowing Flaming Fowl to create the game using their license, and don't plan to publish the game. Because of this, they are looking to Kickstart to help them raise the money needed to make this dream come alive. The Kickstarter campaign will begin on Tuesday, May 31, and run for one month. The team is looking to raise 250,000 GBP (approximately $366,000). A closed beta is planned to go active a few weeks after the fundraiser is over, followed by an open beta for the PC and Xbox One in October. The Full game is said to release late 2017.

    UPDATE- The Kickstarter campaign is now live, and you can check it out here. On top of that, we get some additional details about the game, and a preview of the gameplay. The game has a closed beta coming to PC, and they do plan to bring the game to Xbox One with their stretch goal of 700,000 GBP (roughly $1 million). If you want to gain access to the closed beta set to begin in a month, you can do so by pledging about $7 to the campaign. You can check out the gameplay below.

    Are you a fan of Fable? Do you plan to fund this project? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. xOneManLegacy
    I've been friends with a few of the developers at lionhead for a few years now, Craig Oman is currently the CEO of Flaming Fowl Studios. I might be able to get a few codes for the full game/beta. Im already in the alpha and have a second code.
  2. 3xTiNcT
    A card game, sound like it would be boring to me...
    1. Zelk
      The gameplay doesn't look too bad, and it sounds like an interesting mix of a standard RPG and a card game.
  3. Zelk
    Thanks to Zero for the updated information!
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  4. David Bowie
    Tried playing Fable once on the 360 but never got into it unfortunately :/ Might try get around to it in the holidays because I've always like the look of it's gameplay! Card game sounds pretty good as well but I wouldn't know how it compares to the original game. Thanks for posting Zelkaar!
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