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[UPDATE] Fallout 4 Mod Support Beta for Consoles Announced

Fallout 4 will have finally be receiving mod support not only on PC, but consoles as well coming towards the end of this month. The PC beta has...
  1. Zero
    Update - 5/11/2016: Sign-Ups for the closed beta can be found here

    Many Fallout 4 players have been eagerly awaiting the release of mod support on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles for many months. Bethesda officially confirmed the release of a closed beta for mod support beginning on Xbox after the release of the next DLC, Far Harbor, through a tweet on the morning of May 9. With Far Harbor set to release on May 19, players should expect the closed beta for Xbox to begin sometime soon afterwards, although no date has been confirmed for release; PlayStation 4 users should expect a release in June.

    Fallout 4 players on PC have had access to mod support for a few weeks now, with the closed beta of the Creation Engine beginning last month and an open beta that also followed during the same month. Bethesda's Creation Engine has brought about the ability for players to create, search, and download mods directly from Bethesda.net

    In the short amount of time that mod support has been available on the PC version, Bethesda confirmed that over one million mods have been downloaded since the closed beta began. If you would like to begin creating your own mods, whether it be for PC or console users, you can download the Creation Kit today by clicking here. If you've already began creating with the Creation Kit, share some of your experiences below! I would love to see some of your favorite mods or even some of your own!



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  1. Primal_Lord
    Love the sound of this. First thing is to fight my way threw with a light saber. *Building replica deathstar as I write this*
  2. Mob Zombi
    I hope i make it in the beta.
      Zero likes this.
  3. televisedfool
    Interested in seeing just how it's gonna work on consoles. Should be fun making the game more of a mess then it already is. :roflmao:
      Zero likes this.
  4. Adolfin
    Hopefully I get my shot at a beta spot this time around. Coming up to 10 days playtime on Fallout 4 and mods would fill the holes that are in the game.
      Zero likes this.
    1. Zero
  5. Madman
    Why the hell is the PS4 set to June? Is anyone going to be moderately interested in the game at that point...

    Luckly i'm not huge on modding.
    1. Zero
      June is less than a month away. I can only assume that Bethesda has a deal with Microsoft to release before they do on PS4.
  6. xiiflowx
    find it quite irritating that they say console when it's only xbox, I know xbox gets it first but they could just say Closed beta for mods coming to xbox first
    PS4 does get it at some point right?
  7. Vino
    I gave up on this game because it was pretty bland imo. It'll be interesting to see how mod support plays out for consoles in the coming weeks though. Nice article!
      Skepta and Zero like this.
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    2. Weeb
      Idk why but I enjoyed the stories and quests more in 3, I never had the same urge to go back on new Vegas, I was the same with oblivion and skyrim.
    3. Zero
      You're right about the story-line, New Vegas didn't reel me back in like 3 did, but in overall quality I still find it more enjoyable. I definitely think that 3 has more replay-ability though.
    4. Weeb
      The dlc's for 3 were awesome as well, I don't think I ever bothered with new Vegas.
      Zero likes this.