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Upcoming Rocket League Patch Fixes Many Issues


If you have played Rocket League then you will know about some of the annoying bugs that seem to be prevalent throughout the game. Most of these will be fixed this week with the release of patch 1.03. This update will also bring support for more controllers to the table, and include improvements to the sensitivity settings in the game. They also have recognized many of the latency and connection issues, and will be fixing those as well.

After the release of this patch, the game will also be receiving its first DLC pack. In this DLC pack the developers will be adding a new map as well as two new cars. You can see the concept rendering of the newest cars in the image above. The map will be included in the game free of charge, but the cars will be apart of paid DLC pack titled "Supersonic Fury".

Here is a list of things you can expect to see added/fixed in the upcoming patch.
  • Win/Loss ratio will be displayed as a percentage.
  • "Mouse Sensitivity" Option fixed for the PC Version.
  • Fixed "Virtuso" achievement not unlocking on the PC Version.
  • Fixed item tracking stats for online games.
  • Bots skill level will be automatically updated.
We would love to hear any comments or concerns in the comment section below!
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