Until Dawn: A Virtual Horror Movie

Ever watch one of those cliché slasher films where a group of friends get tormented by a stranger in the woods? We all have, but never before has...
  1. RaoulDuke

    Ever watch one of those cliché slasher films where a group of friends get tormented by a stranger in the woods? We all have, but never before has there been an opportunity to explore and experience that world first-hand. Until Dawn will be attempting to portray that, along with the classic sense of fear and terror associated with the genre.

    Supermassive, the England-based development studio, is set to unveil Until Dawn as the company's first big title release since Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. The fact that it has the overall feel of a Hollywood Motion Picture is a sheer coincidence. Including the likenesses of Hayden Panettiere and Peter Stormare, this new release is sure to create a buzz among horror enthusiasts.

    Up until recently this game has been flying under the radar, which is surprising to me as I'm sure the enthralling butterfly effect it holds can shake the core of the horror genre as we know it. Until Dawn had a seemingly bumpy beginning, originally confirmed for release on Playstation 3 with support for the Playstation Move motion controller. Although when it reemerged last year, last-gen and Move support were dropped, making it a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

    Admittedly, when I first read about the basic plot I was a bit skeptical, as I'm sure you may certainly be yourself. But when the details surrounding that plot are taken into consideration, it becomes a refreshing take on the worn out clichés that accompany most modern day horror flicks.

    The main structure of Until Dawn's storyline revolves around this 'butterfly effect' series of events that all depend upon the decisions you make within the game. These decisions can be as mundane as how to respond to a panicked friend (sarcastically or reassuring), to a fast-paced selection of saving yourself or someone else as a burning tower collapses. Although some of these may seem inconsequential, the way you determine your answers will drive how the story progresses, culminating into hundreds of possible outcomes for the characters. While still being a horror/adventure game at heart, you can explore environments and interact with objects to keep things moving along.

    Another great feature is the fact that there isn't a sole main protagonist character. You will play as every one of the eight friends at one point or another, while watching the scenes unfold on set camera angles, instead of a constant third or first person viewpoint.

    When it comes down to it, Until Dawn provides an interesting twist on what we've all come to expect from horror films/games. With the dimly lit environments and some jump scares that will surely get you at least once or twice, how can any horror fan turn down the opportunity to actually be within a classic slasher flick? Until Dawn is set for release on August 25, with a pre-order bonus offering an additional scene to play through.

    Would you like to star in your very own horror movie? Or do you feel this will be a hit and miss attempt at a possible groundbreaking approach? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

    Until Dawn has finished development, production of the game is under way. (July 31st)


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  1. LawlessBaron
    Do want to play nao might have to get a ps4
  2. Master
    More horror? Very nice. I don't mind the PS4 exclusive. I don't think there is a big enough exclusive to make it a big deal. I bet it is something small and minor.
  3. Wavy
    Hayden Panettiere? I like it already :smile: I love those kind of games that progress based on choices you make. But it's on PS4, thus out of my reach.
      BigShotShine and RaoulDuke like this.
    1. RaoulDuke
      I'm also a fan of games like this, but a PS4 is also out of my reach. But I would consider getting one in the future simply for some of the exclusives it's getting, such as this and Horizon Zero Dawn.
    2. Wavy
      I'd buy one too but... it's 400 per bundle right now. $50 more expensive than an XB1 bundle. And already own an Xbox One. Hmm...
    3. RaoulDuke
      I agree, that's a bit iffy. I was going with the Xbox One from the start, but that pretty much sealed the deal.
  4. Arxhive
    I like that all the characters in these shady horror type things are white. XD
      RaoulDuke likes this.
    1. Wavy
      *Insert racist joke here*
  5. BigShotShine
    I recall this being a mix of original Resident Evil considering the camera angles and an Alan Wake basis of gameplay with enough jump scares to get old. I love the genre of horror and its endless possibilities of choosing but will it continue to be played over continuously? The graphics kind of disappoint me too considering how much they played it up to be. It upsets me that they are doing PS4 exclusive but we shall see how it all comes out with the reviews.
      RaoulDuke likes this.