Naughty Dog announced today the next evolution of the Uncharted 4 multiplayer experience. The developer is rolling out a "Beta Test" playlist, through which the studio will presumably test new features before they are rolled out for everyone.

The first of these, as announced on Naughty Dog's blog, is for a Classic Mode. This is described by Naughty Dog as a "back-to-basics mode that focuses on core combat and movement." There is no in-match store, radar, mystical items, or sidekicks; and you can't enter a downed state. As for heavy weapons, these will spawn around the map instead of being unlocked. The Classic Mode will be available in Uncharted 4's Beta Test playlist through the weekend.

Naughty Dog encouraged players to share feedback about the classic mode through the developer's social channels. A survey about the mode will also be sent out at a later date.

Uncharted 4's latest free DLC, Bounty Hunters, came out in September, adding a new map and more. Looking ahead, Naughty Dog is working on more DLC maps and a co-op mode, among other things. All Uncharted 4 DLC will be free, though the game does also offer microtransactions.

Source: GameSpot