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Ubuntu Forums Hacked: 1.82 million emails and passwords stolen


Yesterday, Canonical announced that a large security breach had taken place, resulting in 1.82 million user logins and emails to be stolen. Canonical posted a notice on the main page of its forum site saying that “the attackers have gotten every user's local username, password, and email address from the Ubuntu Forum's database.” Naturally, they have recommended that you change your passwords on other services that have the same password as the one you used for the forums. Also, they stated that "Ubuntu One, Launchpad, and other Ubuntu/Canonical services are not affected by the breach."

The main page of the forum was changed to hold an image that contained the twitter name Sputn1k_. This image takes you to the twitter page, which only has 5 tweets, and followers only in the 2 digit count. The image in question also provided a link to twitter user @rootinabox, who seems to be located in the Netherlands. However, the link directed people to a website that does not seem to be related to the owner of said account.

What do you guys think? A large amount of people seem to be laughing at Canonical, saying they should have been more careful. Do you think it was their fault, or was this truly unavoidable? Also, have you been affected by the security breach? Let us know below.
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